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Author: Subject: Dutton on the V5 but it's actually a Sylva Striker.....

posted on 16/9/17 at 10:29 AM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Oi_Oi_Savaloy
I'm hoping that the VIN number on the striker isn't the same as on the current v5c - if it is that's going to cause me a problem and I'm not going to buy it - I'm not getting into grinding off stamped vin numbers etc etc. I didn't ask (and check) about whether the v5c vin number matches the one (if there is one) on the car.

I'm hoping it doesn't - I want a clean (free of vin stamps) so I can retire/scrap the current v5 it's hiding under, prepare the car, in a legitimate manner for it's IVA, and do right by the Dutton owners, 'legitimise' my car for road-use and carry on with life.

I'm not going to buy it if I can't do that.

I didn't notice a chassis plate but then again I didn't particularly look for one. Perhaps I shouldn't admit that but there we go.

But this way I get to do three things - retire the wrong the V5 documents, get my striker IVA'd and correctly registered and update/upgrade the car as we go through it at an initial price I can afford and on a basis, going forward, that I can cope with.

Best to start a fresh. Write to the dvla explaiming you have scrapped the car, send back the V5c with the letter.
Grind off or cut out which ever VIN is on the chassis and remove the plate. Apply to the dvla for a new VIN and get that stamped in to the chassis (or stamped in to plate and weld to chassis, plenty of threads covering this) make up a new manufacturer plate with new VIN. Apply for IVA and register car as a new Q plate.

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posted on 16/9/17 at 12:24 PM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by coyoteboy
Originally posted by MikeRJ

I'm confused by your question! It's very simple, almost all Duttons will have a Q plate since they were mostly made in an era prior to the SVA when a Q plate was allocated to kit cars, the 'Q' indicating the car was of indefinite origin. The only exception would be Duttons that illegally retained the donor registration - the DVLA had an amnesty prior to the SVA to get these cars correctly registered.

The whole point of the ringing exercise is to (illegally) avoid the work and expense of an SVA/IVA, so people buy a cheap Dutton and simply use it's VIN/Plates/V5. You'd obviously want to buy a Dutton on a Q plate for this purpose, since if it still had it's original donor reg it would be useless to you.

This was the bit I was not aware of. Currently you couldn't the systems are in place to stop this, I was not aware of the historic system allowing it.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the whole story as I replied earlier - copied below

""That's not strictly true, pre SVA there was a points system, if you had the V5 from a single donor and could demonstrate that enough of the major components came from it, then you could keep the original reg, the make and model on the V5 would be changed. IIRC you'd need Engine, gearbox, suspension and steering. The registration process just needed that the kit passed an MOT and a 10 minute inspection by the DVLA to confirm that the description was accurate and numbers matched

Obviously this doesn't change the "ringer" part of the story, but it is possible to have a legal none Q Dutton ""

Actually it was always illegal, pre SVA there were 4 choices
- keep the original reg/make/model = Illegal but it rarely got picked up as electronic systems weren't in place to catch you out - eg MOT
- Write the the DVLA and have the Model changed - eg Ford Escort became Ford Sports Special, Marginal, probably illegal
- Build, MOT, DVLA Check > Q reg if source was indeterminate
- Build, MOT, DVLA Check > Age related or New reg if source of parts were proven and conditions met

So really, nothing's changed other than the DVLA check has turned into a Construction and Use test

Just one quirk, Before SVA came in (and for a short time after) there was an amnesty to get your car correctly registered, the rules were still the same as above, but they were pretty lenient if you could prove that it had been on the road for some time, by using Tax disc's and MOT's as evidence. So in that way, I agree, some dodgy cars could have gained a correct reg

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