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Nees some brackets making?
CNHSS1 - 16/6/19 at 10:59 PM

Where can I get some brackets cut? Need them pretty accurate, do I want CNC, water or laser cut? 4-5mm mild steel

Thanks in advance

T66 - 17/6/19 at 05:57 AM

I follow a lad on Facebook called Kinzy Fabrication, hes just starting up, he has the means to make stuff.

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miskit - 18/6/19 at 09:41 AM

I have used these guys a bunch of times from making a simple wheel drilling template to cutting an engine adapter. Custom sizes based on their "easy order" are ridiculously cheap!
Laser cut from your description.

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CNHSS1 - 18/6/19 at 04:22 PM

Thanks guys, that's great, I'll follow up on both :-)