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BEC - Charging problem
Rich-MK - 14/9/18 at 07:28 PM

Hi Guys

I have been reading through other posts and have recently experienced similar problems on my BEC setup, missfire on light load with lights on etc then found a very burnt Multiplug to the regulator , it was also very very hot , so need to replace the plug and regulator

I have been looking at these MOSFET regulators on as recomended and they look the buisness, you get the impression jack really knows his stuff which is great

So i start doing the maths , the super plug and play kit $149, the extra cable and sheathing required to postion it $14.40 ,

delivery $35, total :$199.35 equates to around 152.06, add vat and customs duty and its up to 186.27

so my question is 1, am i working that out right ?, and 2, if so does anyone have any experience of these or similar kits , perhaps

in this country,that are of as a high quality at a more reasonable price ?

I appreciate you only get what you pay for but buying from the states just seems to make it so much more expensive

thanks in advance


CosKev3 - 14/9/18 at 07:58 PM

What engine are you running?

Rich-MK - 14/9/18 at 08:16 PM

Suzuki GSXR1000

ReMan - 14/9/18 at 08:58 PM

The cheap option is a 250 Superdream regulator from eBay

chrisbmxr - 15/9/18 at 08:49 AM

I have recently replaced my burnt connector and regulator on my 919cc Blade engine. I didn't go for the MOSFET, but I do plan to upgrade over the winter. Until then I've fitted a voltmeter so I can see that all is working OK!

I too would like to get one in the UK, but I haven't found an authentic alternative yet - beware of cheap Chinese copies!

gremlin1234 - 15/9/18 at 10:59 AM

maybe make one yourself

motorcycle_mayhem - 15/9/18 at 06:48 PM

Before you go to all the expense of a new regulator, replace the multiplug and look at things.
The GSXR1000 regulators do run hot, you can't touch them, they are that hot. I can give you an idea with an IR gun the next time I fire the beast up, but they do get hot.
The multiplugs do melt, badly. Slight corrosion on the spades and that's it, they heat up and melt. On the race car, I've replaced the black multiplug with a huge choc-block and insert soldered bare ends from the wires. Remove the black white connection and make that to earth, directly - via the 6mm bolt that you've secured the regulator to the alloy panel to (which in itself should be well earthed). You can't have too many earths. The white 3-pin emerging from the stator case (yellow braided wires) is a lot more hardy and doesn't seem to suffer.

Make sure the regulator sees some airflow. Charge voltage should be 14.4v or so, your stator output should be 65V (AC) or so, at a similar rpm (5,000 or so). While you're there, I remember a stator resistance of 0.6 ohm (or so) is what I record.

Rich-MK - 15/9/18 at 08:46 PM

hi ,

that's great info thanks , I must admit I had seen previous posts about the reliability of motorcycle regulators and then following the misfire found the burnt plug so assumed I needed both especially as the unit was so hot in operation

I need to get in the garage and start sorting out that connector and the earths as suggested and take some readings from
the stator to make sure that's in good health

I will let you know how it goes

thanks for all the help so far

zx12r dug - 17/9/18 at 08:44 AM

Hi pal I was having a misfire and charging problem on my zx12r I purchased one of jacks regulators sloved all my problems