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Tax Exempt F27
jsims - 11/5/17 at 11:47 AM

Hi, does anybody know the rules regarding whether a Kit Car can become tax exempt?.

I was under the impression that the rules on Tax are based on build date rather than the registration letter. My Formula 27 is on an old "R" suffix registration but was built in 1995. I have just looked my registration up on the DVLA vehicle enquiry website and it is showing date of registration as June 1977 and the Year of Manufacture as 1977. It is correctly registered as a Formula 27.

Does this mean I may get away with tax exemption (zero rate) from June 2017? or is there another DVLA register which will show the actual build date of 1995?



gremlin1234 - 11/5/17 at 12:36 PM

certainly possible to have tax exempt kit cars. (well historic, tax at zero rate)
I think it depends on if it kept the original numberplate on the old points system to qualify as the same car- which it looks like yours did ;-)

simon h - 11/5/17 at 12:55 PM

All you can do is to apply and see what happens.

The worst that can happen, as its correctly registered, is they say no as far as I can see.

As it says registered and used 1977 then I don't see why they wont do it.

nick205 - 11/5/17 at 01:00 PM

In my own experience the DVLA are far from infallible!

As above if you try it and see what happens. Worst case they correct the built/used year and tax charge.

Russell - 11/5/17 at 05:01 PM

Just take the V5 to a Post Office, tell them it's now a historic vehicle, they retain the V5 and send it to DVLA and you get a new one in the post. Simple and free.
It's got do do with the date of first registration of the donor vehicle, nothing to do with kit build date or retention of the donor registration mark.
I speak from experience. I've just had my free road tax renewal notice.

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jsims - 11/5/17 at 07:33 PM

Thanks all

RoadkillUK - 11/5/17 at 10:24 PM

DVLA website states, 'Built or registered before 8 Jan 1977'

My Locost is an 'S' reg suffix, so a 1978 Plate, but the V5 states that it was registered in 2004.

However, as previously stated, the DVLA are not infallible so I reckon it's a 50/50. Good Luck