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sierra steering columb strip down
dave r - 5/10/16 at 03:22 PM

how easy is it to remove the shaft from the tube ??

which way out does it slide and do i have to remove the tube from the car to pull the shaft ??

its a mk1 non adjustable one

want to machine the wheel end to accept a removable boss

robinj66 - 6/10/16 at 09:42 AM

The inner column comes out from the top (steering wheel end). It's a while since I touched mine but I think the retaining caps are simple push-in items but the outer may be peened over (?) and need a little persuasion.

Hopefully this link shows the constituent parts sierra column

Rob Allison - 8/10/16 at 11:00 AM

Inner shaft comes out from the bottom of the main tube. Undo the steering wheel (nut on the mk1, Bolt on a mk2) and the shaft will come out of the bottom. As per pic in the link.
Take care with the springs and bushes.

dave r - 8/10/16 at 01:38 PM

thanks for that....

will have a go sometime in the next 6 months!