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Coilover mounting point
viceface - 8/10/19 at 07:45 AM

Evening all,
I'm currently working on the rear end of my project, and would like to stand the coilovers upright a bit more than what they currently are.

At the moment the coilover mounts from the top of the rear upright to the underside of the roll over hoop, which puts the coilover at 40.

So I have a couple of options,

Mount the coilover bracket on top of the upper rear wishbone to the underside of roll over hoop.


Mount the bracket on the lower rear wishbone (as close to the upright as possible) and then make up additional frame work off the chassis to accommodate the new position.

Input and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Mr Whippy - 9/10/19 at 11:57 AM

You don't say why you want to do this. They will work just fine at that angle. Seems a lot of work for no benefit.