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Which Fox Wheel is this?
ewanspence - 1/6/06 at 12:10 PM

Anyone know the name of this Fox alloy. Just got a set of 4 with partwork tread for 60 but would like a spare if poss. Anyone any idea of the name so I can keep an eye on ebay?

Only marking on them is fox5x15

I have done some measurements and they are 6.5j et 45 (I think) x 15

offset calculation

distance from back of wheel to mounting face-wheel centreline measurement

128-((6.5 * 25.4)/2)


so outside edge should be similar to standard wheels (0.65mm in) and inside edge will be about 13mm in.

They are a little scuffed but most will tidy up. p6000 tyres on them too.


[Edited on 1/6/06 by ewanspence] Rescued attachment wheel.jpg
Rescued attachment wheel.jpg

John P - 1/6/06 at 02:10 PM


ewanspence - 1/6/06 at 02:25 PM'Fox%205%20Evo%20-%20Crystal'&id_wheels_manufacturers=&# 039;Fox%20Racing'&id_wheels_sizes='15x6.5'&price='95'&permission=787116606

Wonder if I can get mine to look this good again!!!

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ewanspence - 1/6/06 at 03:07 PM

how it should look Rescued attachment wheel2.jpg
Rescued attachment wheel2.jpg

MikeRJ - 1/6/06 at 04:05 PM

Originally posted by ewanspence
how it should look

I don't think they will ever look like that, it appears to be a (subtley) different design.

Danozeman - 1/6/06 at 04:18 PM

they are slightly different.