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2016 Spire GTR - Road Legal
Jamesc - 22/6/17 at 07:59 PM

Iíve taken the decision to put the Spire up for saleÖ Iíve changed jobs, moved house, got married and now donít seem to have time to enjoy the car that took me 3 years to build.

Iíd rather someone else had the use of it and looked after it, but at the same time I do have some sentimental attachment to it, so not really in a mega rush to sell.

Specification off the top of my head as follows:

2016 Registered (Not on a Q) - IVA Pass May 2016
Low mileage ZX12R Engine
Power Commander 5
Power Commander Autotune
Upgraded 440cc Injectors
Kliktronic Electronic Gear Shifter (Paddles on steering wheel)
DigiDash 2 Pro with datalogger
Hydraulic Clutch conversion
Lotus Evora GT4 Carbon Rear Diffuser
Wilwood Powerlite 4 pot front brakes (Sierra rear)
Sierra Cosworth LSD
Factory welded roll over brace
Front / Rear adjustable anti-roll bars (option)
Adjustable brake bias
Electronic Accusump
Davies Craig EWP80 Electric Water Pump
JC Composites Carbon/Glass Fibre seats (Driverís seat is on runners)
Carbon Fibre airbox and intake scoop
Carbon Fibre twin element adjustable Rear Wing
Carbon Fibre Bulkhead
GI Pro Gear Indicator
Gaz Gold springs and dampers
RMD 15" Alloys with Toyo T1R
OMP Steering Wheel with padded centre
Lightweight Battery
LED Lights all round (Bar headlights/Full beam)
Proximity immobiliser
ECU, Diode Box, Set of zx12r loom plugs
Spare modified sump and baffle plate
Exhaust parts if required

Itís had new oil and a filter at the beginning of the year, but Iíve barely covered 20 miles in it so far this year.
Currently painted white, not the best paint job in the world, but itís not too bad. Room for improvement though. Also a hole in the dash which used to have a wideband lambda gauge in, but now has a vacuum gauge fitted (Hose needs to be routed). It was built for IVA primarily to drive to Snetterton for track days, but I never made it to one.

Last outing I remember that the speedo didnít work reliably, but itís a hall sensor type, so worst case scenario is a new sensor from ETB.
Iíve built the car and as Iím sure you can tell, it wasnít cheap. I do have most of the receipts from the build as well as all the IVA documents.
Iím sure Iíve missed some things, but Iíll update as I can. Any questions or further photos, please ask.

£15,000 ono (Lambo not included!)

There have been some changes to the engine bay, most noticeably the exhaust and position of some components... Updated photo to follow

CRAIGR - 22/6/17 at 08:30 PM

Stunning looking car.
Good luck with the sale

HowardB - 22/6/17 at 09:37 PM

ditto what he said - looks awesome!

When I grow up I want one

nick205 - 23/6/17 at 08:03 AM

Agreed - it looks a rather tidy car!

Good luck with the sale and make sure you reuses some of the money for you.

ianhurley20 - 23/6/17 at 08:10 AM

Sorry to hear you are selling the car James ( I was there at IVA as I drove the trailer and can confirm that this is a very well built car indeed. An excellent purchase for someone)

Jamesc - 23/6/17 at 11:09 AM

Thanks everyone, very kind of you. I don't think I want to sell to be honest, which is why the price is up there... If I have a few hours spare, a quick trip out will probably make me change my mind

Ian - It's a shame, but I'm not getting the use from it. They're fairly rare on the road and should be used! Thanks again for all your help during the build, we will have to catch up soon.

puckeredup - 23/6/17 at 03:45 PM

Great looking build!!
I'm just about to IVA my 3 year Spire GTR build. Love those front canards, are they off the shelf?? Also was the rear diffuser and fairly straight forward fit?
Would appreciate you letting me know,
Best wishes with the sale

Jamesc - 24/6/17 at 09:55 AM

Thanks Justin. The canards aren't off the shelf I'm afraid - I made them from the rear wing that came with the kit.

The standard Evora diffuser is too wide to go between the wheel and sticks out far too much. I had to modify it to fit, which took some time. I managed to get one at a decent price, but they are usually quite pricey (not the sort of thing you want to cut up!).

If you need any further information with IVA etc, let me know.


puckeredup - 24/6/17 at 11:58 PM

Thanks for the info. Car looks terrific with those mods.
Good luck with the sale.

germanguy1 - 4/7/17 at 07:36 AM

Hi I am intrested in your car but I have some questions.
How can I contact you. Sry for my bad english i am from germany

Jamesc - 26/7/17 at 10:16 AM

Damn Photobucket! I'll fix the images when I have a few minutes spare - Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can host for free?

Also, car is still for sale

SPYDER - 26/7/17 at 11:00 AM

Why not just upload your pics to your Photo Archive? You can post them from there.

Jamesc - 26/7/17 at 11:44 AM

Great idea, I had forgotten about the photo archive... Thanks.

Jamesc - 31/10/18 at 01:35 PM

I still have the car. I've driven it once this year and seen it twice! Never got around to taking it to Snetterton either. It's been neglected far too much and could benefit from a small tidy up from storage etc.

I'm not going to get the chance to enjoy it any time soon, so...

Price drop to £13,000

number-1 - 15/3/19 at 04:41 PM

James, did this sell in the end?

Harrodbear86 - 19/3/19 at 05:14 PM

Hi there,

Is this still for sale by any chance?



Jamesc - 19/3/19 at 05:37 PM


Yes I still have the car, let me know if you require any further details.


G13BLocost - 19/3/19 at 06:00 PM

Where did you get the dashboard stickers from? They look great!

Jamesc - 17/4/19 at 10:03 PM

Now on eBay Here

I've seen a car I'm interested in but the workshop only has space for one! If anyone wants to sell me an Elise part ex, get in touch