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Potential sale...2018 tiger
furryeggs - 3/4/19 at 03:30 PM

After going to GBS last week Iím thinking of a new build, which means I will have to sell my Tiger Avon. Completed april 2018 and ivaíd at nottingham. correctly registered as a Tiger Avon (Q plate)

2.0 zetec (arp bolts, new timing belt and pulleys, raceline sump).
Danst gsxr 1000 Tbís (45mm).
4-1 exhaust.
Emerald K3 (set up for running 2 maps).
Stack gauges.
Full cage.
Team dynamics alloys (new toyo tr-1).
Wilwood front brakes.
Gaz shocks.
obp gas pedal.
Factory powder coated chassis.
Paint is VRS grey.
Coolex radiator.
TRS harnesses.

chassis, bodywork, all internal panels brake lines and wishbone/shocks supplied by tiger.

Iím not sure what its worth, Iím not expecting the £18000 factory built price or the £13000 kit price but please donít waste my time with £4-5k offers.

Thereís loads of photos of the build in my archive and if you want any up-to date pictures inbox me and i can email them over.

Mr Whippy - 4/4/19 at 12:02 PM

Nice car. The best person to give it a price is you

I can probably find £5000.01

furryeggs - 4/4/19 at 02:35 PM

Theres currently 2009-2014 pinto engine ones from £8-£9000. A big spec turbo one for £24k. there were a few similar ones last year when i was registering and insuring it for £11-12499.

Iíd hope for £10-11000

Tiger Super Six - 5/4/19 at 03:52 PM

I'll be amazed if a pinto Avon sells for anywhere near £8-9,000 - they'd be nearer £5,500!

number-1 - 6/4/19 at 05:50 PM

Thats a really nice car. Any idea on BHP? Does the Q plate make insuring it difficult?

furryeggs - 6/4/19 at 07:02 PM

Itís currently 144bhp at the wheels, itís due for a re map as itís now got a better exhaust and air-box. Q plate doesnít have an effect on insurance.

number-1 - 6/4/19 at 07:55 PM

Any idea what the remap should achieve? Is there an advantage of running bike TBs over say webers?

furryeggs - 6/4/19 at 08:22 PM

It should be 160ish... better emissions, easier tuning

furryeggs - 26/4/19 at 02:40 PM

Would consider Pex + cash?

jossey - 26/4/19 at 02:45 PM

Good luck with the sale. EBay is full of mad priced cars don't use that as the guide.

I sold in December my westfield originally up for 13k and went for 10k

Brand new bodywork
New diff
New engine build zetec 269hp
New carbon dash and boot lid
New discs all round wilwoods and cosworth rear discs

Great car and disappointing to see a low value.

The 24k car is never Gunna sell for that there is a 290hp westfield for sale at present with same gearbox for 14k

furryeggs - 17/7/19 at 02:19 PM

back on for sale... £11000. new westfield £400+ carbon exhaust just fitted. Iím building a turbo engine for a new car so need to free up some space and money.

furryeggs - 13/8/19 at 07:34 PM


rm0rgan - 14/8/19 at 03:22 PM

Originally posted by furryeggs
back on for sale... £11000. new westfield £400+ carbon exhaust just fitted. Iím building a turbo engine for a new car so need to free up some space and money.

It's a cracking looking car and (if the summer arrives) the right time of year to get the best price - whether it's over £10k, who knows, but it looks worth every penny - good luck