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Ford Sierra MT75 Gearbox and Propshaft
Elmof1 - 12/6/19 at 01:02 PM

Ford Sierra MT75 Gearbox. easily selects all gears with no oil leaks £100

Propshaft (either new or remanufactured) £70

Starter motor is also available, and will be included for the asking price of the gearbox

Removed from an unfinished MK Indy project.

Collection from Northampton.

big_wasa - 12/6/19 at 02:00 PM

How far from Santa pod are you ?

I wouldn’t mind a spare box. I would like some more info on the prop as well please.

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Elmof1 - 12/6/19 at 02:28 PM

Pretty close. 17miles or approx 40mins away (NN6)

I will measure prop this evening, min and max slip etc


big_wasa - 12/6/19 at 03:14 PM

I also want to know what’s on the box end please.

Westfield use the rubber donut. ( got one and don’t trust it )
D&f use a nice billet steel adapter. ( Heavy but reliable )
Bailey&Morris redrilled the uj.

pmc_3 - 12/6/19 at 08:37 PM

If big_wasa doesn't have it, can I have second dibs on the box please. Thanks

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Elmof1 - 16/6/19 at 04:24 PM

Both are now sold. Thanks