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FS: Westfield SEiW Megablade (CBR1000RR)
hobbsy - 8/11/19 at 11:28 AM

I'm in the process of buying this but plans may have to change and that would mean it is available for sale.

Please contact me via U2U in the first instance.



This car was built for the track from all new parts and completed in 2017. The chassis specifically for bike engines was purchased new at the end of 2013.

The engine is from a Honda CBR1000RR 2010 which is roughly 180hp. It was supplied by AB Performance as a fully rebuilt engine.

The original engine that was fitted to the car when I bought it suffered from oil starvation and came to an abrupt end. The new engine was recently fitted but after suffering from an electric issue it was sent to AB Performance to investigate. After fitting a new stator and ECU the car is now up and running.

The engine rebuild comprised of;

New main bearing shells

New big end shells

New con rod bolts

New case stretch bolts

New head gasket

New base gasket

New piston rings

New slipper clutch complete

Heavy duty clutch diaphragm

New oil filter

New valve stem seals

Valve clearances set

Built up on AB billet sump

Billet water pump delete kit

The car also benefits from AB airbox and billet throttle trumpets, an electric water pump, AB custom exhaust system (95db @ 7000rpm). It is fitted with a Power Commander 5 with Quickshifter which had been mapped by Andy Bates.

Additional spec;

Quaife reverse gearbox which is great as it is locked when in forward drive and only weighs 8kg

Quaife LSD in freelander casing

Wilwood 4 pot front and single pot rear brakes

Protech shock absorbers and rear anti roll bar

Team Dynamics 1.2 13 & Toyo R888R

Caged full roll cage fitted to the factory mounts

2 x Tillett B6 carbon seats with a 5 point and 4 point harness

DigiDash2 with GPS speedo and lap timer

Momo quick release wheel

Carbon dash

Carbon front wheel arches

V8 bonnet

Brand new Yuasa battery

File full of receipts showing the build cost close to 28,000.

The car is currently not road registered but with the reverse gearbox and all lights fitted and working (normal, full beam, fog etc) it shouldn't take too much to get it through. I spoke to Andy at AB Performance recently about putting it through an IVA and he thinks it shouldn't have any big issues in doing so.

Price: 14,500

nick205 - 8/11/19 at 12:49 PM

I'm not in a position to buy, but I have to say it's a tidy looking car. I particularly like the rear end, which has a pleasingly different look to the usual flat rear end of most 7 type cars.

GLWTS if it goes that way.

rednop1980 - 22/12/19 at 09:43 AM

I'm confused is this your car to sell?

rednop1980 - 22/12/19 at 09:48 AM

very interested in the car are the pictures in the advert current?

are the bonnet and scuttle genuine westfield items because they look not standard ?

did you build the car ?

sebastiaan - 22/12/19 at 10:20 PM

Originally posted by rednop1980
I'm confused is this your car to sell? orum/topic/135221-westfield-megablade-cbr1000rr-ab-performance/?tab=comments#comment-1442488