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Prg sport trailer
Beamerboy - 21/2/21 at 11:43 AM


I have my PRG Sport twin axle Trailer up for sale due to it not long enough for my new car some need to upgrade.

It is a PRG Sport Trailer with a 3.66m bed length and a 1.85m bed width. It is fitted with 2.0m ramps (as I had a Westfield which was pretty close to the ground).

It has the Wooden Centre Decking - which keeps the car safe from anything flipping up underneath and when wet and also makes it handy for moving stuff if required it also has the Spare Wheel Rack fitted.

I have replaced the Rear Light Clusters with new units c/w new filament bulbs and also replaced the Number Plate Light with an LED version.

I have checked that all the electric works correctly and I have just taken it for a drive to check it tows OK (as it has not been used much since last summer) and it tows and stops (with its brakes) fine.

I have just checked on the PRG Website and a brand new "Sport 12" trailer (with the deck & spare wheel rack) will cost 2851 + VAT (3421.20)

Bearing that in mind I think that its worth in the region of 2,200 as its a cracking trailer

I live in the Midlands and it can be collected from there or I can meet you at a mutually agreeable place (at an agreeable cost).

If interested please pm me with a contact and we can speak further.


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Beamerboy - 21/2/21 at 11:45 AM

Can't add pictures will keep trying but if you pm me your email or contact number I can send them

Beamerboy - 21/2/21 at 12:09 PM

Added photos into my photo archive in my profile you should be able to view them in there

Beamerboy - 1/3/21 at 06:28 PM

Now sold thanks