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WTD: 2.0 Zetec
mikeb - 21/6/18 at 08:31 AM

Looking for a 2.0 zetec near northants.

Let me know if you have anything


Lander - 25/6/18 at 08:57 PM

I have a 2ltr Zetec taking up space in the back of my garage whilst waiting for me to transplant it into my Formula 27, which doesn't look like I will ever do, if you wanted to take it off my hands? I have heard it running but know very little about it age/mileage etc.
Based in Cheltenham with an engine hoist if interested ?

mikeb - 25/6/18 at 09:03 PM

I'll keep you as plan B if the one I have agreed on falls through.

Thanks for letting me know

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