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willwood powerlites
Jaymaxi - 8/8/20 at 09:57 AM

Hello I'm looking for a set of willwood powerlites, narrow type, (solid disc) radial fit thanks, John

obfripper - 8/8/20 at 04:53 PM

I have a set for solid discs with 1" pistons, i also have a set of m16 caliper brackets (unfortunately for a vented setup, but could be modified to suit another application), and a set of new m1144 pads to match.

If they're of any interest, let me know.


Jaymaxi - 8/8/20 at 06:33 PM

Yes I'd say their what I'm after, can you pm you details, prices etc if you like thanks, John

Jaymaxi - 20/8/20 at 06:58 PM

Seeking another set if anyone knows of any?

Jaymaxi - 4/9/20 at 05:40 PM

Still looking for a set of powerlites radial fit narrow (solid disc) calipers if anyone has a set to sell thanks, John

JMW - 4/9/20 at 08:30 PM

You have U2U