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Mk 1 Golf GTI - Bosch Fuel Metering Unit
perksy - 15/7/19 at 09:04 PM

Trying to help a neighbour and mate out who has bought a Mk 1 VW Golf GTI

We've fixed a few things on the car but are having a few issues with the Bosch 'K' Jetronic Fuel metering unit

Don't suppose anybody has worked on one of these or knows of anywhere that rebuilds the metering units?

The issue we're having is adjusting the fuel mixture and its pointing to an internal issue within the Bosch metering unit

These are 'old school' and I'm wondering if there's a bloke in a shed somewhere who strips and rebuild them


rusty nuts - 16/7/19 at 07:10 AM

Think there was an article in Practical Classics a couple of months ago. Will have a look for it if I find it your welcome to it

Now found, itís the June 2019 edition

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nick205 - 16/7/19 at 07:56 AM

Don't know of anyone who rebuilds them. I suppose the alternative route is to replace the unit. Have you checked price and availability of new units. Many cars of that era used them so I'd have thought there's a supplier of them out there.

sdh2903 - 16/7/19 at 08:04 AM

Seal kits are available to diy aswell but from memory its internal corrosion that kills these.

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McLannahan - 16/7/19 at 01:23 PM

The best MK1 company I know of is Crazy Quiffs. Run by MK1 fanatics in Oxford and has been going a good few years.

They will be able to advise the best way forward - it's sadly quite a common fault on the early MK2 and Mk1 GTIs

westf27 - 16/7/19 at 03:24 PM

Was hanging back on this reference,but as nothing really positive has come forward here we go.
Wheeler Dealers did that injection unit on MK1 GTI.
Series 15 about month ago,catch up should have it.He did take it to a specialist in the end.
Have a watch anyway because they shoot series in the states and so not accessible for us easily.
It's a simple unit but as always it's if you know.

perksy - 16/7/19 at 06:33 PM

Thanks lads for the info

This will give us something to work with and hopefully we'll make some progress

It's got a GTI Engineering engine conversion in it and is generally a nice car