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MOT / VIN query
mcramsay - 21/2/21 at 10:07 AM

Morning All,

My kit car had its first MOT last year & the vin was taken straight from the V5 for setting up the details for the first MOT. Fast forward a few months & I noticed that the Vin on the V5 had an error and had the last digit recorded as a 3 rather than a 9 which is stamped on the car. So I wrote to the DVLA & supplied evidence that the V5 had a typo and got it corrected. I was given a re-issued V5c with the correct VIN - happy days

So MOT time is coming up again- will this VIN correction give me any headaches? As the VIN will now be one digit different to the vin recorded on the first MOT. Even though the VIN stamped on the car has never changed... it looks like the first MOT tester didnít bother checking the car and just used the V5 meaning he also missed the discrepancy!

Iím keen it does not flag the car up on an HPI check as Iíve done everything correctly and have a reissued & correct V5C to prove this!!


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rusty nuts - 21/2/21 at 11:48 AM

Donít know if things have changed since I retired but incorrectly entered VIN was a common problem especially with cars from our local Porsche dealership for some reason . I just entered the correct details

obfripper - 21/2/21 at 12:38 PM

I've had it with a customers caterham, the vin on the v5 was actually the engine number - i tested it with the correct details from the vehicle (getting caught using vehicle details other than what is stamped on the vehicle/vin plate is a minimum 28 day testing ban, max 5 years!).

The customer got his v5 corrected, but the vehicle could still be recognised on the mot system with the wrong details the following year as although a correct record existed, the previous record was not removed/edited.

It's probably best to let your tester know there has been an issue, then if the correct details do not match he can create a new record that is correct.