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Garage/Workshop photos
Bluemoon - 27/8/19 at 02:35 PM

Looking to build a new garage/workshop. Anyone fancy posting some inspirational photos of internal setup?


nick205 - 27/8/19 at 02:52 PM

Sadly my garage has been converted to a bedroom

Tips I can give though....

1. Wire in plenty of mains sockets around the garage/workshop
2. Wire in plenty of mains sockets at a decent height where your workbench will be
3. Wire in plenty of lights (good light is a real pleasure to work in)
4. Paint the walls white so they reflect lost of the good light around for you
5. Fit draft excluders to any doors/windows - keeping the space comfy for winter working makes a real difference
6. Plan your storage and shelves so tools are stored well and easy to find and put away - tidiness is good

Ugg10 - 27/8/19 at 03:40 PM

To the above I'd add - make sure any benches are the right height for you - I made mine quite high (approx. 1m) so I am working at chest height and so don't have to bend over (kitchen tops are 0.7m iirc). Also, old filing cabinets are good for storage and the A4 paper multiple draws good for nuts and bolts. I also went for side hinge doors as I find them easier, don't rob roof storage space, low maintenance and if you want you can put a board across the top when open to give you and extra 3ft of covered workspace.

Pictures of my garage posted on here -

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Bluemoon - 27/8/19 at 03:45 PM

Ugg10, thanks for the post, that's what got me thinking! How did you recess the scissor lift? Which one did you go for?

Nice neat and practical setup!


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nick205 - 27/8/19 at 03:46 PM

A 2nd for filing cabinets - ideal for storage.

Another add would be if you're a cyclist think about bike storage. You can get pulley systems to store them up higher (out the way). It frees up floor space and save the bike from getting dragged about.

rusty nuts - 27/8/19 at 04:16 PM

Insulation if your going to be working in cold weather and also ventilation. LED lights are so much better than tubes . A nice thick strong concrete base thatís level and smooth

Ugg10 - 27/8/19 at 05:55 PM

Originally posted by Bluemoon
Ugg10, thanks for the post, that's what got me thinking! How did you recess the scissor lift? Which one did you go for?

Nice neat and practical setup!b


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Info on the linked thread, had my garage rebuilt so could get the builders to concrete a recess to the right size. I think the built the shuttering around the lift then used this to build the inset. The base is 8Ē of reinforced concrete as per the spec sheet for the lift.

I linked this lift as it has no cross members so good for removing gearboxes and exhausts.

I also have led strip lights from TLC iirc, great light, put in as many as you can, they are only about 20w each. I didnít do it but a power socket in the ceiling or on the central rafter would be useful for inspection lights.

Iíve also promised myself I will plumb in my compressor with three or four wall points one day.

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steve m - 27/8/19 at 07:01 PM

Lighting, is at the very top, as bad lighting will keep you away from the garage
plenty of wall socket, both sides
extension cables,
tools kept in a tidy manor

You have to make it, as though you want to be out there at -8 in the winter, when its dark at 1600,
andyou don't actually need any heat

so I have, I have and sky tv, and a good stereo


nick205 - 28/8/19 at 02:51 PM


Another vote here for a good stereo as well!

I moved one into my garage and was lucky enough that my WiFi reached out there. Meant I could stream Spotify via my phone and listen to all sorts while tinkering about with nuts, bolts, rivets etc.