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Pipe mitre
liam.mccaffrey - 10/6/10 at 09:40 AM

I need to generate a wraparound template for a 7.5 deg cut on an 18" OD pipe and I just can't remember how to do it?

Anyone shed any light?

MikeR - 10/6/10 at 09:45 AM

look up tube mitre on the web - some good software does it for you as long as you have a printer.

splitrivet - 10/6/10 at 09:46 AM

You can get it here Liam

liam.mccaffrey - 10/6/10 at 11:26 AM

I had tried tubemitre but the problem is I am interfacing with a flat plate and not another pipe whic it won't let you do I don't think.

I have done it in CAD now though


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MikeR - 10/6/10 at 11:54 AM

this is the other program,

Its good cause it does gussets for you (Although seems to fail at the example liam gave).

Bob C - 10/6/10 at 12:24 PM

is that not just a big sinewave.....??

smart51 - 10/6/10 at 12:38 PM

Originally posted by Bob C
is that not just a big sinewave.....??

Only if you're doing 90 joins. If your tubes join at an angle E.G. triangulation then the pattern is a little more complex.

907 - 10/6/10 at 12:41 PM

What happened to a set of trammels and a square?

I must be getting old.

Paul G

iank - 10/6/10 at 12:50 PM

I've got the equations kicking around somewhere if anyone is interested, and even implemented a new version of tube mitre in python outputting to a pdf for printing later. Should still have it but haven't run it in a while.

ETA: Just tried and there is a problem with the external pdf generation library dependencies.

It might be possible to approximate for a flat join by making giving the tube you are butting against a very large radius relative to the one you are cutting.

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liam.mccaffrey - 10/6/10 at 07:42 PM

I appreciate your efforts guys, thanks. I tried using a large rad in tube mitre but it was having trouble displaying such large pipes (18" and above)
Some of the ones we did today didn't fit on an A0 sheet.

I spent an hour on CAD today and could do any size or angle in about 10 mins now.

I am no programmer but as someone else said this would probably be a pretty simple one.

I'm going to blow my own trumpet a bit here as I'd never been shown how to do this and worked it out pretty much from scratch