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Toyota 3SGE engine which gearbox
mad-butcher - 24/6/09 at 05:59 PM

Hi Guys just been offered a toyota 3SGE motor same as the one in my lads Celica ST202 most impressed with it in the std car (( it's as fast as the blade ) mind you should be Yamaha aparrently work on the engine, that explains why it says Yamaha on the cam belt cover)
) question is what gearbox mates to it and what other parts are required. sump etc


200mph - 24/6/09 at 06:43 PM

I looked at the 3sge for a little while - very good engines.

The New Zealand guys will have quite a bit more info as the engine is more common over there I believe, but the only straight fit box that I'm aware of is a 6 speed box from the Toyota/Lexus Altezza. Others will fit, but need modifying.

These boxes are not particularly cheap, and not common either.



mad-butcher - 24/6/09 at 07:33 PM

any idea what i do a search for in new zealand


200mph - 24/6/09 at 07:55 PM this is quite an informative site about the engine and gearbox options.

This site is an Australian, but I think fraser cars are based in NZ and they use the 3sge engine.

SPYDER - 24/6/09 at 08:51 PM

Hi there Tony. My car features the same Gen3 3SGE unit you are considering. The car originally came with a 2TG 1600 Toyota with T50 all alloy gearbox. There are bellhousings to mate 3SGE to T50 but not in the UK. There are also bellhousings to use the W series box but not easy to find.
The W series is MUCH stronger than the T50 but I decided to keep the T50 and adapt the bellhousing to suit the 3SGE.
What a nightmare that turned out to be!
The basic fitting wasn't too difficult but the ST202 flywheel is too big. So I machined out the bellhousing. Then the input shaft falls short. More machining.
And then you need a clutch plate to suit ST202 flywheel and T50 splines. Plus lots of other issues. Starter motor, thrust bearing....
Worth it in the end though. The T50 is a peach.
As you can see in the pic I have retained the 2TG's Solex carbs which are a little small for the 3SGE.
Made 166bhp on the dyno at Newark on Sunday though.
I would source a six speed Altezza box if I was you. It should be a straight fit. The box is large though. You will probably need a different starter motor. I used the 2TG one on an adaptor plate. Try to get the Altezza starter motor. The rear water rail will stick through your bulkhead unless you make it turn through 90 degrees.
As regards the sump, I have shortened it slightly both for ground clearance and to make the bottom flat, instead of sloping. I overfill it about a litre and only get a blink of oil light on long, very fast right handers.
The 3SGE is a cracking motor, but don't underestimate the problems you will encounter when converting it to RWD.
I am using a V3 megasquirt with four coil drivers and coil on plug .
Read and digest the info on Bill Sherwoods site as previously suggested. Any more questions, don't hesitate.
What car are you thinking of putting it in?
Are you thinking of using the standard injection. It takes up a lot of space. I made a neat cut'n'shut manifold but never got round to using it so I sold it to a guy in NZ.
I could send pics for inspiration??

gazzarose - 24/6/09 at 08:53 PM


Im a member of the Lexus Owners Club forum, and there are a few guys messing about with these engines over there

Have a look under the IS200 section, and theres a modifications section in there as well as a supercharger/turbo section, but there are alot of engine transplants there aswell.

Also, there are a few gearboxes on ebay for 100-200 quid, so there are a few about.

I've got an IS200 and its wonderful gearbox, lovely and smooth.

Hope this helps


SPYDER - 25/6/09 at 08:00 PM

It is my understanding that the six speeder from a six cylinder IS200 won't mate to a 3SGE without mods.
Having said that it could still be cheaper to buy one and do the necessary mods to suit.

200mph - 25/6/09 at 09:35 PM

yeah Geoff, thats correct - it's the box from the altezza rather than the is200 that bolts straight on.

The is200 box is cheaper though, but will require some work.



nz_climber - 27/6/09 at 07:49 AM

Check out for alsorts of 3sge rwd conversions, and bellhousing to w series gearbox info.. (use the search there as there is heaps of info) Lexus IS200 won't fit without work, but the altezza (toyota) are fitted with a later generation 3sge has a six speed which will bolt to gen 3 engines. (I am using the later model 3sge and this gearbox)

There is also a bit of info on an other thread on here about bellhousings and gearboxes for the 3sge that was about a month old

I will try and answer any specfic questions, but overall great engine! And lighter than the SR20 engine which is all alloy!

mad-butcher - 27/6/09 at 08:26 AM

To be honest we bought the motor for 50 just for the oil level sensor which has broke on the celica and my lad takes after me to tight to pay 240 for a new sensor. it's fast in the celica and i think 160 bhp tuned by yamaha so I'm looking at taking the R1 out and putting the 3SGE in and then using the R1 to go in chris's single seater.
thanks for the info guys