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Lowered Zetec Sump Options
mikeb - 13/3/19 at 12:53 PM

After spending quite a lot of effort on modifying my two part blacktop sump I have admitted defeat, it still leaks. I think the steel section warped when I welded it. It held for a while but now my garage floor is a mess. Not sure it would have been good for a track day either so probably best to upgrade.

So I'm looking at options - I can't afford a new raceline one at 550.

I'd like opinoins if anyone has actually used the Tiger ERA aluminium sump or the Kit Spares Steel single part sump.

They are both a similar price around 320 (still a lot). I found one bad review for the Tiger one quoting that the first long roundabout the oil light came on due to poor design. I'd like a bit more experience to back that up.

Alternatively if anyone has a used Raceline I'd take it off your hands.

I've looked on the Dunnell and Scholar websites discounted Scholar as I don't have an exchange to give them.

I think the Dunnell gets good reviews and seem more track proven for the odd track day so was heading that way?

Just found reference to the Neil Dunne TMR sump

Slightly cheaper than the other options?

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SJ - 13/3/19 at 01:30 PM

Where's it leaking? I'm pretty crap at welding and after a few goes mine is oil tight. Did you just chop it or were you trying to do something more complex like extending it? Maybe get another BT metal part and get someone to weld it for you?

Would be way cheaper and I'm sure there are some guys on here who would do it for not much money.

rusty nuts - 13/3/19 at 01:30 PM

Think I would be looking at getting another steel sump and modify that ? Might be a good idea to get hold of another ally part and bolting the steel section to it before welding? TIG welding may be better than MIG.? aUhkaM6B2grW2mUECcd6dZX-mUxIwrrRMLC-QfY2yen4fPxKAoroGhN61qCdvz

mikeb - 13/3/19 at 01:40 PM

I'm done with modifying its been off and on three times, over tightened the ally part and stripped some threads, helicoiled them etc, can't face trying again to be disappointed.

Its leaking from the join not my welding, but yes I did extend it. The mistake was not bolting it to the ally part when welding doh.

I've got some xmas money in cheques that needs using so happy to get one that will work well on track, its a nearly new engine so worth the spend.

fossett - 13/3/19 at 01:56 PM


I went with Dunnell about 5 years ago and it has proven leak free and is still going strong.

It comes with a couple of modified Main bearing bolts, Windage tray, Oil Pickup and gasket, and silver top sump gasket.

Fandango - 13/3/19 at 04:21 PM

Originally posted by fossett

I went with Dunnell about 5 years ago and it has proven leak free and is still going strong.

It comes with a couple of modified Main bearing bolts, Windage tray, Oil Pickup and gasket, and silver top sump gasket.

You and me both.

DavidW - 13/3/19 at 04:31 PM

I have the Raceline sump which although expensive is very good. Plenty of baffling in there for track use too.

Not quite what you were asking but I weighed up the cost and hassle and engine failure.


Matth93 - 13/3/19 at 04:52 PM

I'm running the tiger sump on my car and have had no problems. When I got the engine it was on it already but when I stripped it they hadn't put any windage tray or anything in it just the pickup pipe so I added them parts from tiger and it has been ok for nearly 3 years now, I haven't done any track days with it but have done 2 car limits days and lots of hard road driving.

pekwah1 - 13/3/19 at 05:47 PM

I chopped the sump but payed someone else to weld it.
Cost bugger all and still going strong over a year later!

chris - 13/3/19 at 08:49 PM

i have the NEIL DUNNE sump very good quality it has never leaked which is good cos it holds 6 1/4 litres of oil

mark.silcock - 14/3/19 at 01:18 PM

So just stumbled on this topic and am now a little concerned.

We purchased a unfinished car last summer and are about to take it for its IVA.

It has the Tiger alloy sump installed. We ended up swapping the Zetec that was in the car to an older 1192 RS1800 engine to get around the emissions.

The Tiger sump was swapped over and from memory the baffles were standard Zetec ie identical on both engines. I will be checking tonight what's still on the original engine.

I have read on the Tiger website that it is not recommended for track days which baffles me (see what i've done there!) why a kit car manufacturer would design and manufacture something that doesnt work when driving the car hard!

What options are there to improve the Tiger sump?

Davedew - 14/3/19 at 01:36 PM

You say it is leaking where the steel lower, and ali upper bolt together. What sealant did you use?

I used a generic RTV silicone sump sealer from our local auto factors and it was complete rubbish.
Leaked the first time I started the engine after fitting it.

When I stripped down to investigate it was as though the sealant had dissolved.

Bought the correct Loctite sealant Ford use from Ebay, cleaned and re-sealed with this and it has been perfect ever since.

Might be worth a try.

FatChapChipChop - 14/3/19 at 03:54 PM

I've used Scholar engines in the past. They want an unmodified sump in exchange ..

250 and works extremely well.

Cheers !!

FatChapChipChop - 14/3/19 at 03:56 PM


What options are there to improve the Tiger sump?

The Tiger (ERA) sump is just a pan, there are no baffles in it at all. They offer some "bracketry" to hang off the windage tray fixings. It is only good for the road, and will not tolerate aggressive cornering. You'll get oil surge for certain even with the bracketry.