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Duratec - head swap
cosmicicecreamman - 30/1/20 at 05:19 PM

Evening all,

I have a passing valve on my 2.0ltr Ford Duratec. I have a spare engine with a good head. They're both the high port heads.

Question I have is - can Duratec heads be swapped over or should the head that came with the block from factory be repaired?

Years ago I used to swap around engine components on various CVH, Pinto, x-flow, etc, but wasnt sure how the modern engine would accept another head.



snapper - 30/1/20 at 07:05 PM

You can swap heads over.
The high port Duratec head can be fitted to the Mondeo/Focus low port head engine and vis vers

chillis - 30/1/20 at 07:12 PM

so long as they are both from engines of the same capacity eg a 2.0l head from a 2.0l engine

cosmicicecreamman - 31/1/20 at 09:27 AM


Thank you gents.