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Pinto plumbing
Nick - 15/2/20 at 09:37 PM

Hey people,
What is the correct way to run the pipes on a pinto running weber, capless radiator, no heater and a expansion tank.
Look forward to hearing from you you all.

rusty nuts - 16/2/20 at 08:31 AM

Try the search facility, itís been covered loads of times

Nick - 16/2/20 at 08:52 AM

That is very true. Which I have already done and have a thousand different answers as complicated as a bad wiring diagram.
Just seeing if someone was willing to post a helpful answer with an arrangement that they had used successfully.

snapper - 16/2/20 at 09:20 AM

Itís simple.
Header tank feed to bottom radiator hose
Water pump 16mm output to Pinto head via manifold. I route this above radiator top hose with a T piece screw cap to bleed air when required.
Radiator overflow to header tank
Header tank overflow/pressure relief to drainpipe or expansion tank.

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Nick - 16/2/20 at 09:41 AM

Brilliant, but what about radiator top hose.

jacko - 16/2/20 at 05:45 PM

As Snapper says even though mine was plumed different it seams there are a few different ways
Mine was plumed this way
Back of water pump to bottom of expansion tank
Fron inlet manifold to top of expansion tank
Thermostat housing to top of rad
Big water pump pipe to bottom of rad
If you look at my photo archive you will see some pictures of the engine bay
Ps I don't have the car now

snapper - 17/2/20 at 08:49 AM

Originally posted by Nick
Brilliant, but what about radiator top hose.

Just goes straight to the radiator, I pot the fan switch in there if you donít have a radiator with a threaded bung for one