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MX5 ecu - advice please
FFMan - 1/8/20 at 09:56 PM

So i've just about got my MX5 bases Haynes project running ok, but have concerns over the state of the wiring the original builder used. It's the original MX5 loom, but hacked about in places and there is really too much of it for my track car. I don't feel confident about it, and it would be a headache to troubleshoot.

So once the rest of it is bedded in, I plan a new ecu and rewire. Just wondered what ecu people have used and would they recommend ? I intend some sort of forced induction later, so whilst initial aim is to get it running well and neat wiring, later on FI so ecu must have capabilities.

In terms of wiring, is there a kit to buy, or should i remove the current wiring, unpick the bits i need and wire them to a new ecu connector ?