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Author: Subject: Ebay Question

posted on 7/7/09 at 02:14 PM Reply With Quote
Ebay Question

Another ebay 'what should I do' scenario. My wife sold an outfit via ebay a couple of weeks ago, there were clear photos on the listing and the bidder placed the winning bid very late in the auction. The parcel was sent and must have been with them for over a week now however today I get a message saying that the finish/sheen and colour of the outfit are not what the lady wanted?? There was no mention of sheen/finish of the item in the description and the colours were plain to see from the photos. The winner says they have contacted ebay and have been told to ask for a refund!!!!
What do you reckon I should do? personally I think they are taking the p*ss
The only thing which may help them is they sent me a question very late in the item asking solely about the came so late that I didn't get it before the auction ended.
I value my 100% feedback and know this will cost me a negative if I refuse a refund but I think they're asking a bit much!!!!

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posted on 7/7/09 at 02:19 PM Reply With Quote
sounds like she's worn it for whatever event she wanted at the weekend, and now wants her money back!

really doubt theres anything you can do i'm afraid

all i could suggest is to contact ebay yourself. not mud slinging, but just voice your concerns over whats happening, see *if* they'll see sense over it


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posted on 7/7/09 at 02:34 PM Reply With Quote
ebay can only force you to refund and accept a return if its SNAD, or significantly not as described. So if its just her complaining then she can't easily get ebay on her side.

Also, she has to pay for the return postage, and it must be trackable (ie recorded) so as soon as buyers realise this they often back down, especially on low cost items.

What I would do is reply, politelty that the item is exactly as described and perhaps it would be cheaper for them to sell it on themselves

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posted on 7/7/09 at 02:36 PM Reply With Quote
offer a refund for the sale price dont include postage and say they have to pay return postage.
this is your right. you dont have to end up out of pocket.
they wont want to pay two lots of postage for nothing, so probably wont take it to the next level wich is a dispute.
you would proably win a dispute unless the item is significantly not as described.
read up on your ebay rights before giving in.
there are a few unscrupulous people on the bay that spoil it for everyone dont let them intimidate you.
hope this helps

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posted on 7/7/09 at 02:37 PM Reply With Quote
Stand your ground - live with the neg, you get the chance to reply anyway.

the only real problem is that if they paid by paypal then if they raise a dispute, the money will be taken back. But fight your corner and publish the buyers name on here so we can all block the buyer for future transactions.

At the end of the day nobody forced the buyer to bid and it is a contract to buy, not to have a look, wear it a bit and then send it back.

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posted on 7/7/09 at 04:43 PM Reply With Quote
You could allso ask them for the name/contact email of whoever they got the advice from at ebay - if they exist

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posted on 7/7/09 at 06:05 PM Reply With Quote
Just to put this into prespective, I bought a receiver off of ebay which normally comes with a remote control, the picture showed a remote control, the description made no mention of the remote control being missing but it did not come with a remote control. ebay sided with the seller that there was no mention of the remote control and so I had to accept it as it was and buy a remote seperately. I would suggest speaking with ebay first but I would not give a refund.

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