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Author: Subject: atlas axle rattle.....

posted on 18/9/10 at 05:45 PM Reply With Quote
atlas axle rattle.....

I have a White Rose Locust with a 2.1 Harris pinto, 5 speed type 9 gearbox, and atlas axle of some sort!!! Now, recently developed axle issues, on the way home from the MOT, I heard a bang from the rear, found out one of the trailing arms snapped around a bush!!! Now, being the creative bloke I am, thought 'not a problem, bit of new tube,' a good un'"...famous last words!
Got the arm repaired an on, and just having a nose underneath, noticed the oil seal shield on the diff is loose and rattling... Can anyone shed any light on how much grief I'm heading for, or is it new crush washer/oil seal and go from there??
The one thing worth mentioning, the prop snapped at santa pod about 800 miles ago, so possible a by product of that??

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posted on 18/9/10 at 07:55 PM Reply With Quote

the oil seal shield is loose and rattling? but no oil is leaking out? do you mean the part that is attached to the diff flange? or the diff flange is loose?
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posted on 19/9/10 at 07:40 AM Reply With Quote
possibly the 'disc' that should be part of the diff flange?? I've never pulled one apart before, so couldn't say for definately! Metal disc between diff flange and nose of the diff casing, just spinning and rattling around. There is no oil leaking out!!
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posted on 19/9/10 at 08:24 AM Reply With Quote
if no play on the prop flange and no oil leaking then i cant see an issue...
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