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Author: Subject: microsquirt vauxhall wiring questions

posted on 7/8/11 at 12:02 AM Reply With Quote
microsquirt vauxhall wiring questions

evening all.

just finishing off the last of the wiring loom tonight but i need to double check a few things.

could anyone supply me with a link/pics to the x20xev ecotec wiring diagram and the siemens simtec 70 ecu pin outs?

plus with the coil wiring, im a little confused?

i have 3 wires
- black/yellow - ignout
- black/red - ignout
- black - ??
i know two of these are going to be ignout1 + 2, so does the black one go to 12v feed from fuel pump relay?

also the 3 wire vr sensor? where do i ground it? should it have a 12v feed? or do i just join two of the three and ground them together?

is it worth running the MAF? its got to stay either way.

should the IAT be before or after the turbo? (temp reading from MAF or before throttle body?)

what would be the dwell settings for the coil on the x20xev?

1 last thing for now, does any one know if the x20xev's inlet manifold has a map sensor? i know it has dual inlet with flaps inside, i was just wondering what caused the ecu to swap tracks through the inlet? is it pure vacuum switching the soliniod? or is it pre programmed in the ecu to open/close at pre determined speeds/loads?

many thanks in advance

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omega 24 v6

posted on 7/8/11 at 09:29 AM Reply With Quote
I've got a haynes with the cavvy wiring diagram somewhere all have a look see later when I find it.

As for the intake flaps on my Omega 2.5 V6 I'm pretty sure they were totally vacuum controlled. IIRC there was quite a lot of vac pipes on it and they were at times a source of problems ( not on mines though).
You could try the migweb forum or the vaux online forum for more info though they are pretty well switched on.

OK so looking at the omega wiring diagram with the simtecs6.5 system the following comes up
a black wire from ign to pin 3 on the coil

a black/yellow (shielded)from ecu pin39 to coil pin1

a black/red (sheilde) from ecu pin38 to coil pin2.
both of the shields ( or are they both in 1 shield) grounded at ecu.

vr sensor is shown as
pin1 grey/red to ecu pin16
pin2 grey/black to ecu pin24
pin3 brown/red ( may be blue/red page print is poor) which goes to earth.
this is a sheilded cable which is shown as grounded atboth engine and ecu ( which I believe to be wrong as in megasquirt this causes problems. you will not do damage but car may not run well. trial and error whether to ground engine or ecu end imho.
No map sensor shown on my diag
BUT it does show air intakes as switched solenoids.
After doing all this it strikes me that you are perhaps not using the simtec ecu but trying to adapt a loom to another?? if so then more info required i'm afraid.

[Edited on 7/8/11 by omega 24 v6]

If it looks wrong it probably is wrong.

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posted on 7/8/11 at 02:22 PM Reply With Quote
thanks omega 24 v6

ive used the wiring loom from the x20xev but have modded it a bit to wire into the microsquirt2 v3 ecu. ive managed to sort out most the wiring.

i was trying to work out if all the shielded wires from the sensors were all ground to the ecu? i have a full unmalested loom here for referance to original setup.
because when i try and work out the TPS SIG and the 5VREF feed to TPS. i follow the info on the megasquirt pages about testing resistances across the 3 wires i get the shield wire as the 5VREF feed?? and this is confusing me.

im also getting signal drops with the CLT and IAT both grounded to SIGNAL GROUND (white/black), i also have the MAF and the shield wire from TPS grounded here aswell?

i checked all resistances across all wires as i put the loom together.

i must admit tht this is a steep learning curve with the electrics. mechanicals? not a problem. Electrics? buzzzzzz!!!
ive been electricuted that many times with the house electrics that i shy away from the car. but im willing to have a go.

now i gotta wait for the rain to stop and the battery to charge.

many thanks again

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