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Author: Subject: Help with Pinto CR

posted on 20/10/12 at 09:36 PM Reply With Quote
Help with Pinto CR

Hi all,

Just putting together a 2.0 Pinto and need some help working out the CR.

The head is 47CC but I can't remember what the crushed thickness of the standard head gasket is or the TDC bore CC.

I'm not going to get down to the engine again this week but wanted to work out the CR so I can think about how much if any to skim off the head to raise the CR.



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posted on 20/10/12 at 11:39 PM Reply With Quote
I seem to remember 1.2mm for a std gasket (payen or reinz)
What CR are you going to run Much above 10.2:1 and the stock gasket is likely to fail prematurely.

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posted on 21/10/12 at 03:50 AM Reply With Quote
Standard pinto chamber 48cc
Standard gasket 1.63
Reinz 1.27
Piston to deck height varies but can be seen on the pistons mine say 0.382 as they are 93mm Cologne (on cossy rods)
Yours may be in thou inches
No more than 0.5mm max for high comp Pinto
Usually around 0.38
Piston ring to piston deck 1cc
While the heads off measure
Your unlikelly to hit over 10 to one with standard parts
The Reinz gasket is very strong and will take over 11 to 1

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posted on 4/11/12 at 07:33 PM Reply With Quote
Cheers guys for the replys,
I've been crazy busy so only just got back here to this thead. Not using a standard 2.0 head but a modded 1.6, I mis meausered the chamber CC's they are actually 45CC.

Just going to check what ratio that gives me tomorrow (rest of the engine is STD) and then work out the best head gasket to get.

Thanks again,


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