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Author: Subject: Im back into cars again............

posted on 16/6/17 at 11:06 PM Reply With Quote
Im back into cars again............

Well after a few years or trying other hobbies i decided to stop kidding myself and get another car.

After selling the Indy a few years back i found out that i wont prob be ever able to spend as much on another car so i have decided to look out for a production car to restore and have some fun again without spending as much as i did on the Indy.

My options are:

MK 1 or 2 MX5
MR2 roadster

Would prefer a soft top as i think it would feel pretty much like the Indy having no roof etc. Its mainly going to be used on B roads on sundays so it needs to be able to handle those type of roads.

All seem to have there issues like the mx5s rotting away etc but i cant decide if its worth doing all the work to get a rot free shell.
Dont know much about the MR2 roadster tbh. Are they rust heaps or crap running gear etc?
MGF is basically a Metro
Clio would be fun but i dont think i will get the right feeling being in a tintop.
Always doing a Fiesta rally car look but again unsure if i would get bored of it quickly.

Really undecided on what to do. Any advise you guys can give me?



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posted on 17/6/17 at 05:35 AM Reply With Quote
I have not long sold my Locost and missing it loads. Back in December I wanted a runaround, but found insurance quite high as my NCB was used on my campervan. So I looked for a kitcar to fill the role as insurance was cheaper. I found a Quantum +2, basically a Fiesta XR2 but minus the rust. Had a good mohair soft top, Fibreglass hardtop, heater, cd changer. Needed some tlc, but is turning out quite nice little car. By no means a racer, but capable of taking zetecs or whatever you fancy really. Worth a look, can be had quite cheap too.. Insurance 125 f/c.

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posted on 17/6/17 at 06:19 AM Reply With Quote

I've just bought an MX5 for little more the the cost of the Suttol IVA.

Because it's not worth *ugger all I can use and abuse it. Track it and truck it. Drive it like I stole it. It was a steal anyway.

I was very careful over which model I chose as the BHP varies enormously. Mine is an S-VT 1.8L Mk2.5
That equates to 146 horses with variable valve timing, 6 speed gearbox, bigger brakes, LSD,
11 months MOT and full leather. It has a hard top and heater so usable even in the winter. Dancing on ice should be fun.

The only snag is that it's fitted with S-VT wheels which are 16", so I'm in the market for a set of 15's as the tyres, Rainsport
for instance, are half the price. Also in need of a roll bar.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Seven. Taking it to "Cars on the Green/Bury Car Show" tomorrow and it will attract attention.
More than a fleet of MX5's ever would, so it's "horses for courses" as they say.

Good luck with whatever you decide on.
Paul G

new toy
new toy


And naturally it has to have a personalised exhaust can.

New back box
New back box

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The one and only member of the Suttol Owners Club. Now also the MX5 Owners Club. A few more in that one.

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posted on 17/6/17 at 07:57 AM Reply With Quote
The Mgtf I had was great but just as rusty as an mx5 and just as under powered with weaker mechanicals.
I am doing the little Renault thing at the moment. Very fast but parts are expensive and it just lacks something to make it " special ".

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mark chandler

posted on 17/6/17 at 08:38 AM Reply With Quote
I had a MR2 SW20 revIII turbo, the ones just after they cleaned up the rear lights. Zener diode and decat = 275bhp, as rapid as you can get for the mk ey
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posted on 17/6/17 at 08:50 AM Reply With Quote
That signature is HUGE!

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posted on 17/6/17 at 02:19 PM Reply With Quote
Yeh sry about that. Forgotten how to do all the pics things.

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posted on 19/6/17 at 08:05 AM Reply With Quote
the mgf can be a nice sporty soft top, go for the tf160 if you can.

due to their slight grannie image it seems to be fairly easy to find an MG thats been truly pampered if you hang about the forums etc

and its a British built sports car :-)


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