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Author: Subject: Wiring loom weight ?

posted on 17/6/17 at 12:35 PM Reply With Quote
Wiring loom weight ?

Anyone sad enough to weigh the car side loom on their kit ? Used a painless kit last time and with the battery cable it's 7.5kg and lots of it is now redundant for the new engine going from turbo mid layout to n/a front engined so lots of weight coming out and I'm going to monitor the weight as it's re built . tia


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steve m

posted on 17/6/17 at 03:53 PM Reply With Quote
No im not that bloody sad

but I did weigh all the crap I took out of the loom, and other redundant bits in the car, 5.2 kg it was,
and another saving of 13kgs changing the wheels and tyres

Hasn't seemed to of done anything to the performance, but if I removed all the "spares" in the boot, that should save another 10kgs

Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 17/6/17 at 08:37 PM Reply With Quote
The loom I've taken out of the car weighs 7.3 kg with fuse boxes and battery cable which seems a lot but it's an American kit so all the wire gauges are a bit much for what they're Doing


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posted on 18/6/17 at 06:20 AM Reply With Quote
I make my own looms for my cars even rewiring the ford Zetec ECU stripping out and getting rid of all the non used stuff. i would be amazed if it was more than 1 kg for the wiring only need to add on a car battery (dont need a big battery)

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posted on 19/6/17 at 11:15 AM Reply With Quote
Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo Loom weighs a tonne!

Hopefully I will be able to scrap off a load when I get to that stage.


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posted on 23/6/17 at 10:24 AM Reply With Quote
I've done the same, I am re-wiring my car and saving all the wires I take out to finally weigh.. I have adopted to go to CANbus allowing minimal wiring to be used up and down the tunnel.

Saying that.... If I went on a diet, I'm sure that would be more then enough, as I am probably the heaviest thing in the car lol.




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