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Author: Subject: Part built or parts for a bec

posted on 5/12/17 at 02:16 PM Reply With Quote
Part built or parts for a bec


I started building my locost about 13 years ago and have realised that there's no way I'm ever going to get time (or have the inclination) to finish this project. Therefore I'm offering it up for sale. Ideally I'd like to sell as one lot but if there's no interest then I'll break the bits up and offer them on here or on ebay.

This is not a bolt together project and you will need to be proficient at welding. You can either treat this as a short cut or just buy all the other bits and leave me with the chassis that I'll recycle... up to you. The chassis has been in my garage for 13 years and is covered in surface rust.

1 part built book chassis built for a Yamaha 2003 R1 engine and an MNR dedion rear axle and brackets for a sierra lsd diff. Welded to the chassis is an MNR rear roll hoop with supports made from 3mm (from memory) CDS. The chassis is pretty much all built but small bits will need completing. For example you'll need to complete the front suspension mounts, the rear shock mounts, the rad and steering rack mounts and so on. I do have front suspension arms but due to some confusion I'm not sure you can use the upper arms and will need to fabricate them yourself. The reason is that I have cortina hubs and accidentally bought sierra hub arms.

Low mileage Yamaha 2003 R1 engine, loom, rad etc. I have never run this up but apart from being filthy now it looks in good order, turned over and was supplied by a member on here called colibriman who I suspect is long gone but he had a good rep at the time. I do not have the ECU for this engine and don't have clocks. Removable engine mounts built and on the chassis.

Output shaft propshaft adapter. No propshaft.

Ford Sierra LSD diff, don't know the ratio but assume it's the most common one. Mounting brackets are welded to the chassis. I think this was supplied by MNR.

Rear DeDion kit by MNR welded up complete with trailing arms and panhard rod. Designed for the Sierra diff and comes complete with brand new driveshafts. The axle does have surface rust on it but is a very decent bit of kit.

Ford Sierra steering column.

Ford Cortina front hubs. These have been refurbished some time ago and do have very slight surface rust. They come complete with brand new bearings and ball joints.

I believe I have a full set of brake calipers. Cortina front and Sierra rear. I can't in all honesty recall the state of them but assume that they need to be refurbished.

Westfield pedal box.

ETA: I've also got a set of 5 minilite copy wheels. They have yokohama tyres that you can roll around on but please replace them before going on the road as they've been sat outside for 12 years.

ETA: Just remembered that I have a stainless steel manifold for this engine made for the chassis. Goes from the engine (obvs) to the front of the left side ready for a cat/silencer (I have neither).

I have no bodywork, seats, clocks, floor paneling or indeed anything that isn't listed above.

I am based near Newbury, Berkshire. If anyone is interested please drop me a note or reply on here. If no one wants all of the above (or all of the above minus the chassis) by the new year then I'll break it all and offer the bits individually.

Many thanks,


PS. It's not all doom and gloom, just the realisation that I'm spending a lot of my time and money running other track cars and motorbikes and this isn't going to get completed.

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[Edited on 5/12/17 by dern]

R1 (2003 FI) powered Locost in progress

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posted on 5/12/17 at 03:36 PM Reply With Quote
Size of the wheels / tyres?

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posted on 6/12/17 at 09:27 AM Reply With Quote
I'll check on the wheel sizes for you.

I'll start to get pictures of this stuff sorted out and list them all individually if no one wants it as a project. Offers if you do.



R1 (2003 FI) powered Locost in progress

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posted on 7/12/17 at 01:41 PM Reply With Quote
Colibriman! ~Blast from the past
∙،. ˘≈ﺣ

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posted on 7/12/17 at 05:01 PM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by ReMan
Colibriman! ~Blast from the past

Indeed - a familiar old name from LCB

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posted on 7/12/17 at 10:30 PM Reply With Quote
Di dion

Hi mate how much for the Di Dion complete
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