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Author: Subject: BEC High Oil Pressure

posted on 22/4/18 at 04:39 PM Reply With Quote
BEC High Oil Pressure

Afternoon all.

After about 30mins of spirited driving I notice the oil pressure in my R1 powered Fury can creep up to 115/120 PSI when giving it the beans which doesnít seem right.. dodgy sensor? Or something else?

Digidash 2 life with the sender that comes with. Oil pressure pick up from the oil cooler bolt like most other 5pw engines

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posted on 22/4/18 at 04:48 PM Reply With Quote
I've killed a couple of ETB sensors (blade engine). I don't think the like the vibrations. My current sender has been reading high pressure for a while and i've just taken it to be the current sensor on the way out.

Of course it could be something like a blocked pick up pipe and i'll have a disaster next time i'm out, but hopefully not!

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ian locostzx9rc2

posted on 22/4/18 at 05:27 PM Reply With Quote
Iím guessing a faulty sensor as presssures that high I would expect it to blowing oil out ot breathers gaskets oil seals etc
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Andy B

posted on 22/4/18 at 08:14 PM Reply With Quote
As stated the pressure sensor wonít handle the vibration if it is screwed directly into the cases - it needs to be fitted via a remote braided oil line and then mounted on to the chassis somewhere
However if the oil pressure relief valve is sticking oil pressure can rise considerably - the concern here is that those kind of pressures are capable of blowing off an oil filter which will not end well
I would replace the sensor sharpish and then if reading is still high investigate further

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posted on 22/4/18 at 09:18 PM Reply With Quote

Read my thread. Might help you out. Seems like your sender is kaput.


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