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Author: Subject: Changing pump system

posted on 30/5/18 at 08:06 PM Reply With Quote
Changing pump system

At the moment my fuel system has 2 pumps one at the rear to pump the fuel up to the swirl pot then a high pressure one to the injectors, I want to change this to a single high pressure pump at the tank with a return line.
While I know I've got to mount the pump low at the base of the tank, I think I have a problem with the tank outlet as it comes out the top of the tank meaning while the pump will be low it will still have to suck the fuel up the height of the tank. Do you think this be ok or should I weld a new outlet at the bottom of the tank, I keep reading that F.I pumps do not like sucking.


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posted on 30/5/18 at 10:20 PM Reply With Quote
Outlet at bottom the hp pumps need to be gravity fed, I have one pump but my tank also includes a sump/swirl pot in the bottom. You need to make sure you don't starve the pump when cornering

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posted on 31/5/18 at 08:15 AM Reply With Quote
I have a single HP pump mounted underneath the fuel tank with an exit at the bottom of the tank.

I made the bottom exit from a pipe fitting and some Dowty/Bonded Seals. It works fine - no need to weld

I put a Swirl chamber inside the tank - it doesn't help if I run the tank low but my Pump has never complained


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posted on 31/5/18 at 02:43 PM Reply With Quote
Have look at the Land Rover - ESR3926 pump assy.

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