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Author: Subject: Timewasters- Is it just me?

posted on 31/1/19 at 09:39 PM Reply With Quote
Timewasters- Is it just me?

About 2 months ago I posted an ad in For Sale on here for a Mazda MX5 selling as a possible donor with a hardtop etc. Didn't get any interest until end of December when i got a u2u from a member saying he was interested in the hardtop and his mate breaks mx5's so would take the whole car. Spoke on phone numerous texts, he makes offer, I accept, he says he will collect car on Saturday 25th Jan. Text him day before to confirm he's still reply, called and text him reply, Text him Sunday to say if he'd changed his mind it wasn't a problem, just asked him to let me know one way or reply!!!!!

What is it with some people, swanntech, it's called common courtesy....

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posted on 31/1/19 at 10:12 PM Reply With Quote
Not just you. I have had that a lot recently with potential tenants who come and look, say they are really keen and will confirm tomorrow... then I hear nothing... not even a thank you but no thank you.

Would the last person who leaves the country please switch off the lights and close the door!

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Mr Whippy

posted on 1/2/19 at 10:03 AM Reply With Quote
sadly product of the times we live in...

same attitude as trolls, people just behave badly as they think there is no repercussions so why care about others feelings?

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posted on 1/2/19 at 11:09 AM Reply With Quote
Had this a few times when selling cars. I've made it clear that if they change their mind about viewing then just let me know, not a problem. Instead I drive to my workshop and hang about for an hour and they don't show up.
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posted on 1/2/19 at 11:10 AM Reply With Quote
there was a news article about people that feel that it is acceptable just to not turn up for work - no notice, nothing. They just leave or find something better.
Sign of the times - sadly


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posted on 1/2/19 at 11:30 AM Reply With Quote
No, it definitely isn't just you!

The only 'success' dealing amongst the scammers, timewasters and the downright criminal has been to ignore everything except respondents who can't/won't talk on the phone. That strategy looks like it didn't work for you. Not everyone has a landline number, but if I can get one of those, I start talking seriously. .

As for selling things, the only way I've been able to reduce my 'retirement from motorsport' mountain is to appeal to people's greed. That really does work. I see so many listings where the 'seller' is clearly just listing for amusement, either way too unrealistic with their expectations, and/or the car/parts/whatever is just a pile of shite. They're timewasting as well.

It's a universal problem. Here's my (old) age talking, but society as a whole just seems to have lost it's moral compass. Everything from this, to criminality, violence, aggression, to its just not right throwing your Big Mac entrails out of the car window.

Wots yur lowest price m8.... delete.

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posted on 1/2/19 at 12:19 PM Reply With Quote
I sold some furniture on eBay, they paid straight away.

Took them nine months to collect. He turned up on foot, without a phone to collect a bookcase. I had to phone him a taxi that was big enough to get him and the bookcase to the train station.

Some people are just useless.

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posted on 1/2/19 at 07:17 PM Reply With Quote
I'm glad it's not just me. It's quite refreshing to read those replies and see that some people still believe in being courteous reasonable and responsible. Sadly many today just don't give a toss.
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posted on 1/2/19 at 07:56 PM Reply With Quote
sadly, this is normal behaviour nowadays.....
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posted on 2/2/19 at 12:58 PM Reply With Quote
As others have said it's the sign of the times

People *buy stuff* cash on pick then no more contact is made so you get charged for the listing & no sale Great thanks.

Or you get is it still for sale. Yes it is. Ok will you take £££ for it Ok sale made. Then nothing again

Or you are buying stuff yourself. Have you still got it for sale ( Yes I have ) As I have only just seen your old listing on a search on engine
Will you take this for it (Yes I will ) Then nothing

So yes there is a lot of time wasters out there but it's seem's to be on both side's now

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posted on 3/2/19 at 10:07 AM Reply With Quote
It’s a sad reality but it’s all to easy for people to make an offer in the heat of the m9ment then back out later when they’ve had some thought.

I had a similar experience on this very forum when a member offered up a project motorbike for what I thought was a good price, then went to ground on me, then basically tried to ask for double the money as ‘it’s worth that all day long’ etc. Even went back and edited their original post. Lacks moral fibre.

The downside of this is that you still have an MX5, which is no bad thing in my eyes!

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posted on 3/2/19 at 05:27 PM Reply With Quote
I'm one of those guys that gives anybody the benefit of doubt, after all stuff happens etc be it personal or financial which can be embarrassing, but my favourite one was when I sold up my marine tropical aquarium, I stuck it on the great bay of thieves, got loads of people asking questions and very interested ( it was a stunner) bids were going nicely, as normal it all went mad in the last 30 seconds, the guy who won got in touch instantly by phone asking for a vid of the tank, no problem I say but noticing an accent I asked him where he lived, Leicester was the reply, my reply " you do realise I live in Essex, ' no problem he says' me" you do know that it weighs over a tonne so you need a decent van to pick it up in " no problem comes reply so we make a time to pick it up. I even phone him during the week, come the day and time does he turn up does he f##k, so taking my 2nd phone so he doesn't know the number I give him a bell, got the normal ooo arrr type sh#t so I gave him both barrels in my best estuary English, upside of the story was that the guy who just lost out got in touch, we cut a deal ( he paid more than the winning bidder after seeing the tank in the flesh) and we all lived happy ever after.


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