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Author: Subject: Pinto carburettor advice

posted on 18/4/19 at 04:14 PM Reply With Quote
Pinto carburettor advice

Hi all
I'm new to the forum and kit cars. I've just picked up my first car and it's a pinto powered quantum Xtreme, than needs a bit of work.

The first thing I'm ooking at is changing the carb as its got a Weber DFTH which isn't working right, and reading up it's seems like it's not the best carb anyway nd I'm better off changing to a DGAV.

I've found a good DGAV second hand from a guy who's just taken it off a tiger with 2 litre pinto so it should be jetted right . I've also found a second hand manifold as I know the stud patterns aren't the same.

MY question lays with the air filter. My bonnet has been cut for a oval JR air filter to poke though on the DFTH carb, and the filter sits parallel to the engine. However all the filters I've seen for the DGAV mount perpendicular to the engine. This will mean me cutting a new slot on the bonnet and leave me with a couple of holes either side of the new filter.

I've also only got about 25-30 mm clearance between top of the carb and the bonnet so a plenum would be a struggle to fit too. Hence the ideal solution is a new filter that fits parallel to the engine so I can adapt the existing cut out. Does anyone know of a filter that will fit?

Edit, here's a photo of the existing carb with the top of the filter off


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posted on 18/4/19 at 06:48 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Derbyboy, I had a Tiger Avon with a 2l Pinto with twin Dellorto's on which I could never seem to get tuned properly. I bought a set of bike carbs on a stainless steel pinto manifold and it made a huge difference to the performance and driveability of the car, I just bolted them on, never messed with the jetting etc, ran them with megajolt ignition. The Pinto engine is no longer with us (r.i.p) but I've still got the carbs and manifold which I'd sell if you're interested.
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posted on 18/4/19 at 07:21 PM Reply With Quote
Depending on how your existing filter baseplate looks like you may be able to just replace the baseplate to fit your existing filter orientation.
Piper and other filter manufacturers do filters with detachable baseplate to fit a variety of different carbs and are just a sheet of ally cut to fit.
I would have a look at just replacing or modifying the backpkate

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posted on 18/4/19 at 07:56 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the replies, i've hopefully sent you a direct message about the bike carbs barksavon as I'm definitely interested in them.

Snapper, the existing filter is a JR filter that I can't find any info on as I think it also needs a new element so I had kind of discounted re-using it. If I could find some info on it so I could look at spare parts then it would be a different matter, but it's just a pair of chrome plates with no part numbers etc. The only JR filters I've found so far are replacement elements for standard air boxes.

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posted on 18/4/19 at 08:19 PM Reply With Quote
I suspect you would be able to adapt the existing base plate if you are careful. I would think it will need a bit more cutting out and the holes redrilling but should be simple enough if you make a cardboard template and then mark it on to the base plate.
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posted on 19/4/19 at 04:10 PM Reply With Quote
I used a DGV on my 2.0 Pinto MK Indy and it worked very well. Manual choke mind, but then that really didn't bother me. I think the DGAV is automatic choke isn't?
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