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Author: Subject: Mk2 Escort Rack to XJ40 Uprights

posted on 29/4/19 at 06:03 PM Reply With Quote
Mk2 Escort Rack to XJ40 Uprights

Hi All,

I thought I had finished my build but one more thing to sort.....

Iíve got a Rally Design Escort Rack and their track rod ends fitted to Jaguar XJ40 based suspension.

Issue is, the taper on the tre is too small for the taper in the steering arm, it pulls down too far....!

My question is, apart from spherical rod ends, are there any other treís that will fit the rack (M14 x 2 thread) and have a larger taper? Even another Ford?
Is it even possible to get taper adaptors..?

Thanks for any help.

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mark chandler

posted on 29/4/19 at 08:33 PM Reply With Quote
Have you checked that the steering is not reversed?

Reason I ask is that XJS has the rack behind wheels, I assume an XJ40 is the same however an escort rack is in front.

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posted on 29/4/19 at 10:10 PM Reply With Quote
Which rack ends have you got?

-mk2 standard, metric thread and larger taper
-mk2 rs, imperial unf thread and smaller taper, also allows use of mk2 rack in mk1 escort
The rs originals are painted green, patterned versions may not be.

If you presently have rs ones, the mk2 standard ones may be a more suitable fit.
I may have some old ends to compare measurements from if you know the original taper dimensions or have something to measure the taper in your hub.


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posted on 30/4/19 at 05:21 AM Reply With Quote
Morning and thanks for the replies.

Now sorted.

The rack is an inverted LHD to overcome the rear mount issues, as discussed elsewhere on here.

I tried some Sierra ends which I had kept back from a previous project, and they are ideal!
Same thread but bigger taper.

Thanks again.

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