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Author: Subject: cooker and hob wirring

posted on 30/11/19 at 06:32 PM Reply With Quote
cooker and hob wirring

Evening all, any sparkies in the house tonight.

Trying to wire these up the right way, ive fitted 10mm cable to cooker and hob (bought second hand, was wired in 6mm), i cannot physically get the 2 off new 10mm cables into junction box to connect to the supply for said cooker, ive looked online for a better solution, its being suggested that i use a double appliance junction box, allthough the photos of said box look like 6mm cables on the entry side, 10mm on the exit, (feed to new oven and hob).

im confused over which is correct, was advised from sparky at work 10mm wire on all cooker appliances, swmbo is away at present back tomorrow eve, would like to get it done before she returns.

ant advise appreciated, what is correct, shall i get this double appliance junction box and go down to 6mm from hob and oven??.


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posted on 30/11/19 at 08:36 PM Reply With Quote
It it an all in one appliance?
Ovens are often 13A and have a 3 pin plug.
Likewise a hob is usually run off a 32A breaker, which assuming the cable doesn't run through an area where it is covered in insulation, requires 6mm cable.

You need to check the current requirement of each. And are they both running off the same breaker? And how big is the breaker?

Plus, to add to the confusion, if the hob is a 4 ring type (for example) you don't just add up the current requirement of all 4, you can apply diversity.
(take off the single biggest current. Add up the rest and multiply by 40%. Then add back the biggest one to give your working current).

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posted on 30/11/19 at 09:06 PM Reply With Quote
thanks for the reply, its 2 appliances, there is a 13 amp socket next to the cooker connection, have removed cover its not even 6mm cable, dont fancy connecting one of the appliances to that, another locost builder contacted me, the junction i have is too small, suggested i need the dual connection box, i cant find a supply ier open tomorrow, looks like ill get 1 monday, ive checked the amps for both, the hob is 6.2kw and ovens are 4.9, not sure on how to convert, mechanics a bit easier for me,
your help is greatly appreciated.


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posted on 30/11/19 at 09:52 PM Reply With Quote
Oven wont need much. Will be happy off a standard socket. Just connect the hob alone to the oven specfic feed. Quite normal i assure you.
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posted on 30/11/19 at 10:15 PM Reply With Quote
The 2 appliances are fine each on a 6mm cable. But what are you connecting them to?
If you connect both to one breaker, and you want it to cover the full potential current, it is 11.1kW. That is a tad under 50A, so a 50A breaker and 10mm supply cable.
You need to do the diversity calculation....
If you are unsure, stop and get proper advice, no idea why a sparky would just say all cooking appliances use 10mm cable, unless they are arse covering and over-speccing so they don't have to work out the demand.

(I am not a time served sparky, but recently did a domestic installers course, got 18th edition regs etc so have a fair idea)

EDIT. Get hold of the manufacturers instructions. They will tell you exactly what each needs in terms of supply current and circuit breaker.

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