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Author: Subject: shortened baffled big wing xe xev sump

posted on 18/6/20 at 11:10 PM Reply With Quote
shortened baffled big wing xe xev sump

i got the sump off an ascona, cut the bottom off at 7 degrees, as my engine is tllted, and to clear the chassis, i've had to cut 50mm off one side, to 30mm on the other to achieve the angle

all good so far. i'll need to shorted the pick up pipe, and thats ok.

the piece i cut off is exactly 1L volume, which i intend to add back in with adding wings, one at 0.8L volume, one at 0.4L volume

the sump is the same as this one
what level does the oil ACTUALLY got it? up past the flattened area?

my intention is to put a baffle on top, like this

to catch the oil, and wings on the sides

seems fair?


IVA manual link

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rusty nuts

posted on 19/6/20 at 07:30 AM Reply With Quote
If the engine is sitting in the chassis at the same angle as it was originally then the oil level at max on the original dipstick is correct, just make sure the dipstick doesn’t foul on the modified sump , you may? have to trim the bottom end of the dipstick.
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