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Author: Subject: CBR1000 After Market ECU

posted on 23/9/20 at 11:55 AM Reply With Quote
CBR1000 After Market ECU

Hoping someone may be able to help here. I have had an absolute turd of a time trying to get my 2005 CBR1000 engine to run properly and be able to fit under the bonnet which meant having to make a new curved intake and trumpets and side mount the secondary injectors.

After three different intake runner setups I can't get it to run right as it leans out big time after about 7k so basically I am at a point where I'm thinking of ditching the whole secondary setup and just running bigger primary injectors with a standalone ECU.

Has anyone else been down this path before and if so what ECU did you use?

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posted on 25/9/20 at 04:33 PM Reply With Quote
Iím currently going through all this at present, with a Fireblade engined Phoenix. It is a race only car, so I am looking to build a new stand alone engine loom that will allow for HISS, etc, to be binned. I have a similar plan of rotating the air box to get rid of the current bonnet bulge that is difficult to see past.

There are a few ECU options available from the likes of Syvecs and Link that will run the primary and secondary injectors, but the one bit of information I havenít yet found is the crank trigger pattern. Knowing that would possibly allow other models of ECU to be considered, but the information doesnít seem to be available anywhere. I think Iím going to have to resort to a physical inspection when I return from working away.

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