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Author: Subject: BGH vs Tracsport Type 9

posted on 13/1/21 at 01:49 PM Reply With Quote
BGH vs Tracsport Type 9

I am needing to sort the Type 9 box in my car as it leaks a lot and the bearings i believe are going on 4th gear.

I have had conversations with BGH who have suggested their E2 heavy duty box, which will take 240hp and is 900 + VAT or there is the Tracsport box or gearset that has been suggested to me by road and race transmissions. However this is a complete gear set and then fitted into my box and is semi helical, not fully helical like the BGH box. The Tracsport box is around another 550, but thats a complete new gearset etc.

What are people experience and opinions on both? BGH seem to have a very good name and reputation for their box's and seem good value for what you get and Tracsport seem to have a growing reputation too.

Car is mostly for road with occasional track days etc. Running 175hp at the moment from a zetec which will be pushed towards 200hp in the near future.


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posted on 13/1/21 at 02:49 PM Reply With Quote
My T9 is with BGH at the moment. And has been for a while (the will we, won't we malarky wih Brexit meant they spendt their pre-christmas time just doing european bound boxes, in case VAT was suddenly added etc)
Anyway, brilliant chaps, had a great chat when I dropped the box off. They listened to my (gearbox!) problems, jumping out of 3rd at sustained high RPM, bulking into 2nd despite changing synchros) and suggested a bit or re-grinding is required. I also asked for oilway mods, and anything else they deemed a good idea.
They also said they couldn't improve my boxes strength, as it is an XR4x4 box built into 2wd case and input shaft modded to suit a 4 cylinder. They probably could have sold me a gearset, but said it wasn't needed.

So I can't speak for teh finished product, but as retroford, raceline burtons and loads of others sell BGH boxes, I think they are a sound choice. Tracsport I know nothing about except heard them mentioned a few times, never anything bad. I expect they are equally good.

Choosing ratios is hell though.

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rusty nuts

posted on 13/1/21 at 04:17 PM Reply With Quote
I have a BGH box in my car, great service from them. On fitting I found the change a little stiff especially on 1st gear but after 50 miles everything had eased. Worth the money ? I would say definitely, SWMBO disagrees
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posted on 13/1/21 at 05:40 PM Reply With Quote
I had the BGH box in my XE (had about 225bhp) and it was possibly the best mod I ever made to the car

It was night & day to a standard type 9

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posted on 13/1/21 at 07:27 PM Reply With Quote
BGH it is! Thanks for the responses
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posted on 13/1/21 at 09:36 PM Reply With Quote
BGH built my diff up and I can't fault the workmanship but the delivery date was a joke. It took 3 months (not the quoted 2-3 weeks) with me making regular contact as they are only a few miles from me.

When it came to servicing my second hand tracsport gearbox I went to road and race and they couldn't have done more to help and all done in 2 weeks.

I have 180bhp going through mine and it works great. Both companies are nice guys but I would go with road and race if it was me.

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posted on 13/1/21 at 10:42 PM Reply With Quote
I had the Tracsport/SPC gearkit in my kitten, absolutely superb, quiet and excellent ratio's. Never broke it even with a fair bit more than 250bhp through it (10.8 at 130 mph 1/4 mile and drag slicks) and equally great on the road for general driving.

Never had a bgh box but previously did have a straight cut tranx gear set, strong but noisy, on the road the noise gets a bit tiresome after a while...

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Pete Jordan

posted on 13/1/21 at 11:19 PM Reply With Quote
I rebuilt my own T9 box and converted it to have heavy duty bearings and a taller first gear (See pictures in my archive). I spoke to BGH and they could not have been more helpful. They even thought it was great that I was going to do it myself. They inspected key parts for me, provided useful instructions where needed and supplied quality parts. I was able to do the full rebuild/conversion for about 550, although that was a few years ago.

So, I would certainly recommend BGH!


Pete Jordan

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posted on 14/1/21 at 08:53 AM Reply With Quote
road and race did my father in laws LSD diff before xmas and he is very chuffed with the work and the turn around time. However they did fully fill me with confidence to go with them for the Type 9 for some reason, where as BGH did. Need to get the diff converted to ATB at some point too, but will use road and race for that i think.

Thanks for the responses, much appreciated! Just to get the engine and box out now to get it done!

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posted on 14/1/21 at 12:53 PM Reply With Quote
I have an E8 from BGH and they have rebuild the english axle in the past. no complaints.

Last time the diff was re-built I took it to Road and Race Transmissions as I heard that they work on a lot of Titan plate diffs, again an excellent service from them too. (I didn't realise that I was only supposed to take the diff not the whole axle)

The question you have to ask yourself is will you find the super-dupa extra long 1st which SPC does beneficial? If so go with him.

I've bought the E8 then a few years later got BGH to transfer all the bits into an ally case.

Get what you want first time as upgrading later is more costly.

I called SPC once in a lunch hour at work, the only contact I had with him. The call lasted 1:15! So if you call to enquire about anything make sure you have time on your hands.

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posted on 14/1/21 at 01:29 PM Reply With Quote
yep i was warned that he can talk!!

Road and race recommended the longer first that they do over the 2.98, but its not that vital to me. Been running the standard ratios for a few years now without any complaints! Its all mostly road use i do, so dont need anything OTT really

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