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Author: Subject: Wanted:- MX5 mk1 NA Engine - any condition
Steve Hignett

posted on 24/12/14 at 07:16 AM Reply With Quote
Wanted:- MX5 mk1 NA Engine - any condition

Hi All,

I don't know whether this is a good or bad time of year to be putting up a Wanted post, but here goes!

Does anyone have an old mk1 NA MX5 engine that they don't need or can't use anymore?
It is needed for bits/spares and to work from for a current project and (like most people I guess) I need to complete said project for nothing or I can't afford it!!
If someone has just the head and rocker cover etc, that could work also?

As local as possible is a must I'm afraid, unless someone is doing a charity walk passed my gaff and decides it would be more fun doing it with an engine on they're shoulders??!??

Ok, that's Wanted post 2 of 2 over with from me! Happy Christmas Eve to you all!!!
Please get in touch via U2U, or text/call me on 07585 22 37 69

Thanks very much, in advance of any offers of what you have, it is and will be very appreciated when tackling the first of a few projects!

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Steve Hignett

posted on 3/1/15 at 07:33 AM Reply With Quote
I'm not overly surprised that there hasn't been dozens of responses with offers of full race engines left, right n centre coming at me etc,
But I thought there're be at least one or two people that have an old engine lying about that's past it's best or thrown a rod etc?

I'm at the stage where, if I had an engine I could continue, and if I don't it means working on a car (pah, I'd rather be the pole cleaner at an all male strip club!), and stripping said car down to start a mock-up build of the manifold and exhaust etc.

This isn't the end of the world, but it does mean that I can't start when I want too, I have to to store car parts at my (tiny house/tiny back yard), and worst of all, it renders the car as undriveable. Which is a shame...

So, once again, I know it's a long shot (post has only had 155 views) and I'm pushing my luck, but even if someone knows of an engine, if they could reply, U2U, or drop me a text then that would be cool, thanks... 07585 22 37 69


- Edited for speeling...

[Edited on 3/1/15 by Steve Hignett]

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