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Ginetta G27 - Great Example
AntonUK - 3/5/21 at 10:39 AM

Now the UK is getting back to normal and the sun is starting to appear, its time for me to start advertising my Ginetta G27 for sale.

Its up on ebay atm if anyone is interested.

Any queries feel free to ask.


AlexXtreme - 4/5/21 at 10:01 AM

Hi Antony,

I see that the listing has been finished early.

Did you sell the car and if so did you get what you wanted as you put a lot of work into her.

Best regards


AntonUK - 4/5/21 at 01:24 PM

It has indeed sold, should be collected later this week.

I'll be sad to see it go, but exciting times for the next car/project.

AlexXtreme - 5/5/21 at 09:10 AM

Great news Antony.

What are you going for now.. is it a TVR that you might have mentioned somewhere else?

Can you tell me how much you sold the G27 for?



AntonUK - 5/5/21 at 09:28 PM

All very exciting I have 4 choices atm all very different

MK1 classic mini cooper with a tuned 1330 engine
Volvo T5 (maybe an R)
Porsche Cayman (maybe an S)
TVR Chimera

All very lost on what to buy next tbh. Having a meeting in the garden with friends over kebab and beer to discuss

I'll U2U the sale price.

AlexXtreme - 6/5/21 at 10:37 AM

My choice would be...The TVR would be my choice as long as the chassis has been sorted
I would love a hot mini but I probably don't fit at 6'1"
I have an estate as a family car and a T5 would be too close to this
I could afford the Porsche but would not like the other costs (running, insurance etc) but the main thing that would put me off is not being able to enjoy driving it at "normal" speeds due to the gearing and just how fast they are... this is one of the reasons I have kept the G27.

femster87 - 6/5/21 at 06:09 PM

A mini ? Why do that to yourself?

AntonUK - 7/5/21 at 03:23 PM

Originally posted by femster87
A mini ? Why do that to yourself?

I love Mini's I've had 3 in the past. and is the car that got me into the whole petrolhead thing. They are surprisingly spacious but do need a decent engine putting in.

I've met some great people through the mini scene too.