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Headlights dip & main
The Baron - 24/4/24 at 06:16 PM

Im having an old man moment

When going to main beam, should the dip beam go off, leaving sides still on?

Thanks in advance,

The Baron

Ps Im using sierra stalks (89 vintage)

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gremlin1234 - 24/4/24 at 06:40 PM

it used to be that dip would always go off when main beam selected, - else the bulbs quickly overheat.
but if using 'flash' while dip are on both do light

many modern lighting systems keep dip on with main. (I think primarily because they can take a bit of time to light after being turned on)

sides should remain on if any lights are used. (drl is different again!)

The Baron - 24/4/24 at 07:28 PM

Thanks, I was starting to question my own sanity


adithorp - 25/4/24 at 08:46 PM

Using twin filament (H4) bulbs the dips need to go off when the main beam comes on, otherwise the bulb overheats and won't last long. For headlight flash it doesn't matter as both filaments won't be on for long enough.