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New Dash installation
Speedytriple - 29/4/24 at 10:31 AM

Morning guys,

I have recently bought one of these for the Fiesta.

Does anyone have any electrical installation tips?

TBH i'm not great with electrical things. I can do the basics like fit & wire in an oil pressure gauge etc but when it comes to a whole dash i'm a bit out of my depth.

I will do it and work it out somehow but i'm just not sure where to start really. Do i just take all the wires off the old clocks and transfer them to the new one?

Will i need to calibrate everything afterwards like the fuel level, speedo etc. The Nodiz has an output for tacho so that should be easy.

However the instructions that come with the Acewell are tricky for a non electrical person like me.



jester - 29/4/24 at 12:10 PM


The Striker I brought has one of this things the speedo runs out all the time revs don't work probably IE over revs the engine all the time
Fuel doesn't work all the time

A friend of mine has a striker as well with all the standard gauges. Plus a few extra

As they say if it not broke don't fix it

I was chatting to a electrical friend about changing it he said I wouldn't brother as it been botched about to much

It would need a new loom