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Author: Subject: Column stalks or buttons?

posted on 9/3/24 at 10:12 AM Reply With Quote
Column stalks or buttons?

I have reached the point where I need to make a decision between column stalks or stering wheell butttons and I am interested on the opinions from the knowledgeable people here.

I want my speedo and rev counter behind the steering wheel, but there is not enough room between the top of the MX5 stalk shroud and the top of the dash to fit them in. So either I use different stalks (or try to make some) or I use buttons on the dash/steering wheel.

I like the convinience of the stalks but can't find a set which is a useful replacement. The button option is more elegant, but more expensive and less intuative.

Are there any options that I have missed? Any off-piste suggestions?


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posted on 9/3/24 at 02:23 PM Reply With Quote
Will you actually gain much space if you delete the stalks though? I've just checked mine and the steering wheel boss is the same height as the switch mechanical parts.

However there is a bit of a gap behind the switch gear, so could you trim the shroud short and tuck the gauge behind that? Assuming you've still got the same depth between the wheel and the dash surface. Of course, you would lose visibility of the bottom of the gauges, but who needs to drive at low revs or below 30mph?

Also, do you need both stalks? I don't have a windscreen, so I'm planning on losing the wiper stalk. The lights and indicators then operate on the other one.

Personally I'd avoid buttons for indicators, I got bored of my bike indicators and they were right under my thumb! Having them on the dash just sounds horrible.

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posted on 9/3/24 at 03:04 PM Reply With Quote
you could use master light switch (off/ side/ headlight) on the dash, and a floor mounted dip/beam switch.

but you still need: wash/wipe, horn, and L/R indicators

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posted on 9/3/24 at 06:30 PM Reply With Quote
MK Indy with Pinto for me. Sierra based and reused the Sierra steering column and stalks. No screen or wipers so wired the push button on the end of one stalk for the horn.

Kept build costs down and made driving very easy.

Keep in mind once harnessed into a 7 car you can't reach the dashboard so keep things where you can reach them.

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posted on 10/3/24 at 09:09 AM Reply With Quote
Slimy I think youre right, there is minimal difference between the boss and the top of the cowel so no notable difference in removing the stalks. I also don't yet have the runners on my seat which will raise me by 20mm so that will also make a difference. If bike indicators are irritating then that has put me off buttons.

Gremlin, yes it will be a faff to replace the stalks, they do so many things in a neat package. Another dissadvantage.

Nick, another good point! There will be some buttons on the dash, but I need to be careful where I put them. Not thought about that aspect yet as I dont have the belts fitted.

On ballance I think I will persevere with the stalks, at least for getting it though IVA. Thanks for the input!

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posted on 13/3/24 at 07:31 PM Reply With Quote
You don't have to put them on the wheel, just on the dash. I have no stalks, everything is on the dash (and I have a screen and wipers). Personally, I like the Boeing 747 complexity of lots of buttons, which works for me 😀

Pictures in my blog:

...and more on the AuX panel:

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Build Blog

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posted on 14/3/24 at 03:04 PM Reply With Quote
Mine weren't too far away - but mine was already road-registered, so this may not be IVA compliant.


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