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Kitfest June 14-16
yogibear1969 - 8/5/19 at 07:52 PM

Is anyone planning to go to Kitfest? I am happy to book a club space if anyone would like to go? I'll be in Le Mans unfortunately/fortunately?

yogibear1969 - 17/5/19 at 08:25 AM


adithorp - 17/5/19 at 09:20 AM

Sorry replied on the club forum...

Not planning to go but if I do it'll be last min' and just for the day.

yogibear1969 - 17/5/19 at 04:17 PM

Thanks Adi,
Had seen it, just rying to cover all bases

tims31 - 17/5/19 at 06:35 PM

I'll be there but only on the Sunday, anyone else going?

AntonUK - 17/5/19 at 06:54 PM

assuming the ginetta is back together again by then I'll be there