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J15 Hayabusa standard wb - finished!
padrc66 - 3/9/19 at 07:14 AM

Hi everyone

i've been building this J15 for nearly 4 years and finally was able to drive it on the road for the first time yesterday, very pleased!

i think i's the only bike engined J15 on a standard wheelbase, there's at least one other Hayabusa car (in the states) and a Fireblade engined car but they're both on longer wheelbases and stretched bodies. This is (i think) a one off chassis built by Jeremy in 2010 with a longer rear behind the rear suspension pick ups to allow the diff to be pushed back to give room for the engine. hopefully the pictures make it clearer:

sorry i haven't posted much before but all my focus has been on finishing the car. happy to try to fill in any more info and pictures if anyone's interested.

thanks for looking

Paul D

Sam_68 - 3/9/19 at 07:23 AM

Originally posted by padrc66
...happy to try to fill in any more info and pictures if anyone's interested.

Yes please!

What reverse arrangement are you using?

padrc66 - 3/9/19 at 04:10 PM

thanks for the interest, i used the high capacity geared motor from Lynx AE:

this uses a gear in place of the sprocket nut rather than driving onto the diff. i then incorporated a mount for the motor in the engine mounting frame. probably clearer with pictures:

Slater - 3/9/19 at 07:47 PM

That is a great looking car, the colour scheme, stripes and wheels are all perfect in my opinion.

Any pics of the dash?

When is IVA?

padrc66 - 4/9/19 at 02:51 PM

Thank you very much, i'm really pleased with it. Some pictures of the interior below, mismatched clocks are because this has been a budget build and i've picked them up as I've spotted them on eBay. most switchgear is on a renault clio stalk which works really well (lights, fog, indicators and horn)

having said that, everything is new except the engine (only a few hundred miles as far as i know), steering column, exhaust silencers (standard hayabusa) and the front callipers (caterham, a few thousand miles old) and i've done it all for 10k plus the IVA.

IVA was a bit of a pain due to a big wait for a test and DVLA sending me a message for more info which i didn't get which cost me 6 weeks delay. i applied on 3 May and finally got a test date on 15 september which it passed first time and then the registration was turned round in a week.

padrc66 - 10/9/19 at 08:51 PM

now with headlamp covers fitted:

nickm - 16/9/19 at 06:32 PM

Lovely looking car and i bet it goes some as well !

Reminder to myself to fit the headlamp covers.

Nick M

Shooter63 - 16/9/19 at 07:42 PM

Originally posted by padrc66
now with headlamp covers fitted:

Brilliant, for my money, the best looking kit out there, well done