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Caffeine and Machine
rm0rgan - 25/3/19 at 06:51 AM

Great drive out to this place yesterday in the sunshine - would be great to get a meeting of kitcars there one weekend for a group chat!

Worth checking out if passing on a weekend.

AntonUK - 25/3/19 at 07:18 AM

Amazing place, well worth the visit. I think Iím up to 4 times now

theconrodkid - 25/3/19 at 11:51 AM

is there something on every weekend ?

rm0rgan - 25/3/19 at 03:35 PM

Originally posted by theconrodkid
is there something on every weekend ?

Pretty much just turn up and see what drives in....they do have some planned events on their website.

ian locostzx9rc2 - 25/3/19 at 04:01 PM

Gets very busy

theconrodkid - 25/3/19 at 04:23 PM

thanks peeps, ill take a trip up there one day

pewe - 25/3/19 at 07:58 PM

I did read somewhere that due to their success they are charging £5 parking at weekends but redeemable against coffee on-site - think that's on their website.
Parking on adjacent verges likely to encounter plods wrath plus they are running a "Don't be a Dick" campaign to discourage knobs from doing burn-outs /disturbing the neighbourhood on departure.
Otherwise an interesting drive and venue.
Cheers, Pewe10

AntonUK - 26/3/19 at 07:21 AM

Thatís correct. You get charged £5 per car on entry to the car park. For which you get to park and get a nice key ring. The key ring you can swap for a non alcoholic drink at the bar.

It was done to reduce the numbers a little as it was getting silly. Generally people being dicks with the parking, massive burnouts on exit and dangerous fly pasts. They were even getting people bring a picnic to eat on their lawn!

Well worth the trip, itís like a constantly revolving car meet with good drinks and food available. Interior if great too very automotive and motorsport themed.

theconrodkid - 26/3/19 at 07:45 AM

thanks peeps, sounds like a good idea to keep the idiots away that may get the meet banned, like what happened to the Lambo the other week ?