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Aries Locoblade front wishbones/geometry
Lordyplums - 15/7/15 at 08:06 AM

Hi guys, need a little advice...
Managed to bend the front a couple of weeks ago at a track day. No problems with cutting out the steels and damage, have taken it back to the bulkhead at the lower and to the rear of the scuttle at the top, made up new steels, tacked everything in place, checked all alignments and looking good. Only problem I have is the damage didn't allow me to establish accurate mounting and alignment of wishbone brackets and shock hangers. Shocks shouldn't be too much of a problem but am really hoping that someone could help me out with some advice as itching to get her back up and running.

phelpsa - 15/7/15 at 08:26 AM

Mine will be at Llandow on Saturday if you want to come and take some measurements?

Lordyplums - 17/7/15 at 12:55 PM

In hoping to be able to make it to Llandow if that's ok? Will have to make sure I get out of work somehow...