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Starter motors
wozza - 13/3/19 at 04:49 PM

Hi there

could someone please tell me what ford starter motors will fit the type 9 five speed box, which i have fitted to a 1760 x flow.

Many thank


nick205 - 13/3/19 at 05:21 PM

What donor car did the engine come from?

I'd go for a starter motor from that model of car.

westf27 - 13/3/19 at 05:37 PM

Burton Power in Essex should be able to help.
You may want to count the teeth on the flywheel ring gear,seem to remember there are two types with one tooth difference
Don't forget you will need the sandwich plate between box and engine

rusty nuts - 13/3/19 at 05:46 PM

As above inertia ring gear is different to pre engaged

hughpinder - 14/3/19 at 08:20 AM

contact starterman on here - sorted me out and motor was a really good deal and arrived next day!