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Roll cage - Tiger Avon (narrow)
FOSSIE - 24/3/24 at 06:56 PM

Evening all,

What are my options with regards retro-fitting a roll cage to a Tiger Avon chassis, please? This is a 2002 chassis, so it's narrow/shallow.

Is there anything available off-the shelf? If not, any recommendations for a kit?


Schrodinger - 25/3/24 at 07:46 AM

Have you tried contacting Tiger? They may know where you could get one.

FOSSIE - 25/3/24 at 08:39 AM

Thanks for the reply,

I spoke to Tiger (most helpful) and they can supply one - Safety Devices cage - my only concern with that option is that the roof bars are straight and being quite tall I may need the bars raised... So I'm just looking at options at the moment.

JoelP - 25/3/24 at 06:37 PM

Roll bars often seem too short. To clear a tall person, you'd need a bar that looks a bit out of proportion. I'm taking my seats out to get around that, just use foam or a go kart seat, depending on what I find.

nick205 - 2/4/24 at 09:21 AM


Would it be a welded in or bolted in roll cage?

In either case, how much much strip down/refit would you have to do?